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When Harry had gotten a phone call saying he got the job for Louis Tomlinson and son Jaxon, he was more than happy. When he heard it was starting seven in the morning, he was a little less than pleased. But, nevertheless he had gotten ready in black skinny jeans, a white v neck, and his brown boots before he was rushing out the door at 6:00. Harry had soon arrived in front of the house that belonged to the small family, and maybe he should have fixed his hair a bit, put a bit of perfume on, little bit of chap stick. maybe a stick of gum because /this/ was Louis Tomlinson? "Hi-um you must be Louis Tomlinson. I'm Harry Edward Styles, the babysitter", he grinned softly causing Louis to nod gently and run his fingers through his messy caramel colored hair while holding Jaxon on his hip. "Hello- this is Jaxon! um- I am so sorry but I have to go. I'm running late. Like really late, but don't worry. Jaxon isn't allergic to anything, he's fine. He just doesn't like pickles. He also won't go out unless he has his red fuzzy scarf. Oh! and his grandma comes by sometimes. Goodbye guys have a good time, Jaxon be good to Mr. Styles!", Louis rushed out of the house, to his car then fled off leaving Harry and Jaxon behind. Harry glanced down towards Jaxon who was giggling softly and clutching the red scarf to his chest. "Daddy made me some cereal, we go out now", he pointed his thumb to the door cutely making Harry chuckle softly and take him to the door and off to the park they went.
"So...you don't go to school?", Harry smiled softly at Jaxon as they sat on the bench of the park, both licking at the ice cream Harry had paid for with the money he had borrowed from Zayn, his roommate. "It's summer silly, of course not. Seven months left still",Jaxon threw away his cup of ice cream that was now empty...and gone. Harry nodded slowly at the very happy child. Harry loved school when he was younger so he couldn't relate to this kid's happiness. He wondered if Louis liked school...he/was/a lawyer. "Well, we should be heading home kid. We have to get you some dinner, well lunch first, then we start the dinner and get you a shower.", he walked back with Jaxon, while holding his hand, not wanting the lad to scurry off . Louis would kill him if so happened. Harry shivered in fear at that thought quickly before walking up the steps to the house. He lifted Jaxon onto the kitchen counter, putting together a tuna sand which with some apple juice. Harry snuck a bit more ice cream into Jaxon's bowl, winking as he slid the bowl over to him. "Don't open the door if someone knocks, just come call me. I'm going to go cook up dinner", he watched the little lad run off towards the living room with his plate and bowl. Harry got started on dinner, with a soft sigh escaping his lips. Day One for hot babysitter.

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