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Louis was again waiting for Harry the next morning. When the door bell rang he opened it to see the tall curly haired lad standing there with his hair pushed up into a bun. oh. um. well.  He smiled. ''Please come in'', Louis stated before slipping off to the side then and closed the door when the lad walked in. "sorry I rushed out last time, but thank you for watching Jaxon anyhow. Sometimes I dint have enough time for anything, not even him. But I still thank you for watching him", Louis smiled softly which had Harry doing the same, but with a pink soft blush coating his rosy cheeks instead. "Of course...",he looked down shyly, just as Louis phone began to ring. "I have to go now, Love you Jaxon!"the smaller lad yelled, then waved before leaving the house just as Jaxon came running down the stairs. "Anything planned Curly?", Jaxon smiled excitedly as he clutched the red scarf in his arms causing Harry to chuckle softly, lifting Jaxon up and onto the kitchen table. "Curly, huh?", he watched Jaxon nod, curls bouncing harshly on his head which had harry tying up the brown bouncy curls that reminded Harry of his younger baby curls. oh how he missed them. and wished he still had them. The guys were all over him. Jaxon's head perked up running to the mirror in his father's room and giggling softly. "Matching!", he exclaimed once he ran back to the living room where Harry was laughing softly as he took out two tickets, handing one to Jaxon.
" The Zoo?!", Jaxon screeched excitedly, while Harry just smiled, kneeling down. He nodded happily.
''Okay,I never been to the zoo,cmon'',he rushed while he grabbed Harry's hand and got ready.
Then they were both off to the zoo. When Jaxon immediately saw the penguins, he ran over to examine them with a soft grin. Harry softly set out food in Jaxons hand, letting him feed the penguin. His friend, Liam worked here at the zoo so he knew all these nice friendly animals. Jaxon's face immediately lit up and he started crying softly which caused Harry to gasp and tug him onto his lap. "I okay! Just Miss Daddy Louis!", he whined out.
''I really like them, they're cute'', Jaxon giggled. Harry nodded. ''Yup'', he grinned walking ,with Jaxon still on his hip,to the lions.
At home
Harry opened the door and set the bag of animal toys on the couch in the living room. Now of was midnight and he walked upstairs and tucked Jaxon in the bed. ''Your dad would be home soon and he expects you to bed asleep at this time'', he said and smiled. Jaxon nodded happily.
''I really had fun at the zoo today Harry''. Harry smiled softly at the tiny lad as he replied almost immediately. . ''I'm glad love, now go to bed night'',he shut the light before walking downstairs where he was greeted with Louis, slipping off his shirt and tie. Harry gasped, covering his eyes which had Louis turning around almost instantly. "Oh1 Harry, I'm so sorry Thought you would have been gone by now I'm so sorry", he blushed and covered himself with a blanket causing Harry to reopen his eyes and giggle lightly along with Louis. "It's um...okay Louis, I should be going now anyways. Have good night", he waved then he was off, leaving to his own house where he was met with Zayn, who was also shirtless. Harry grumbled softly, pushing his way upstairs causing Zayn to pout softly, but shrug anyways and continued to take off his clothes as he made tea at the same time as well.

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