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Harry slipped his shoes on as he walked out of Louis apartment with 
Jaxon on his hip. While Louis was at work he was taking care of little Jaxon as always, like he enjoyed. Today they were just going to chill at Harry's house while Niall kept them company, Zayn being out with Louis's sister, Lottie. Harry didn't know why or how him and Louis had gotten so close over the last few days, but Harry wondered if him and Louis would get closer over time. Even when Louis didn't need a babysitter.  "Niall!",Jaxon screeched when he saw Niall sliding around the kitchen floor in black fuzzy socks. Niall lifted Jaxon in excitement when the small lad came running into his arms. "Hey laddy! Harry...hi",Niall smiled softly and Harry smiled back softly, hands clutching at his curls shyly as Niall chuckled at Harry's flushed cheeks. "i'll make lunch, Jaxon go watch some telly with Niall",Harry nodded and slid around Niall to get into the kitchen to tart cooking as Niall and Jaxon took off to watch television. Harry immediately texting Zayn, sitting at the kitchen table. 
Harry: Zayn! Niall is here and I swear he's giving me flirty eyes!!!! Just like you do with every person you see....
Zayn:Hey! I do not. I'm at Louis job right now with Lottie. We just went shopping for some new shoes gosh they look so good on me1 Anyways, just ignore him. Louis had warned me about him as well so just give him my number. 
Harry rolled hi eyes at Zayn's fuck boy ways before leaving the phone on his table, just about to get up when Niall popped in. "I see you've lied to us about cooking. We're starving Harry",Niall grinned softly as he trudged over, crowding Harry back into the corner of the kitchen counter, Harry gulping as he quickly slid under Niall's arm to hurry up and fix two sandwiches. "Here", he handed him the plates. Niall chuckled softly, setting the plates down gently then turned back towards Harry. "I know what's happening with you and Louis, Harry. Louis knows I fuck around and I don't really think he'll have a problem with me going down on you", Niall explained bluntly which caused Harry's ears to flush a bright pink and for his curls to be pushed back by his hands. "Zayn likes you",Harry blurted out. This time it was Niall's turn to blush as he grabbed the plates again. "Good to know...Ill see ya",he winked then left to go back to watching television with Jaxon in the living room as thy ate their sandwiches. Harry sighed in relief, texting Zayn about the incident before he started to text Louis. 
Harry: Your friend i a bit flirty, normal?
Louis: Yeah, just ignore him, he would never actually do anything with you. Niall is a virgin, besides. He has his eyes set on your friend who is currently with my sister, playing with the doctor's equipment. 
Harry: I'm so sorry
Louis: go on a date with me
Harry: um? 
Louis: Tomorrow night at 6:30pm. I'll pick you up! See you then, goodbye Harry Edward. 
Harry: Goodbye Louis William. 
"He got put down, gave him some mac and cheese for dinner almost, Niall reminded me he also doesn't like cheese that much",Harry chuckled as Louis walked into the house just when Niall left. "Oh, yeah. Sorry",Louis chuckled as he slipped off his tie and unbuttoned his shirt causing Harry to avert his eyes somewhere less private. "I'm sorry, just need to get to bed early. I've been up all day yesterday, here", he handed him his weekly check causing Harry to smile lightly, shyly biting his bottom lip as he tapped Louis back which had the brunette turning in question. Harry leaned forward to kiss Louis, Louis instantly kissing back. Harry moved his lips against the brunette's until he had to pull away for breathe. "Bye",he left the apartment leaving Louis there confused.

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