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Hope, something that can change everything, yet it can vanish just as quick.

Submitted: March 07, 2017

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Submitted: March 07, 2017





I have something great

Something stronger than any hate


I have faith and I have hope

I'm strong and I can cope


Anything that gets thrown at me,

just makes me stronger and breaks me free-


-of bad times and bad dreams

So that once everything gets better, my smile gleams


I hope for a better tomorrow

For everyone to forget their sorrow


I believe in friendship and happiness

Because kindness costs less


At least less than anger and hate

But even then, I can't change fate


I can only hope for a sunny day and a friendly night full of stars

And I hope for a time filled with peace and a world without wars


Hope is great, it makes you strong

But hope is fragile, leaving you when you do wrong


So always cherish the smiles, laughs and friends

Because you never know when it ends


And when the hope in a better morning fades in me

Don't be sad, as it only means I'm free


Have hope and be happy,

and if you are unhappy-


-remember who you are,

Because to me, you're my star


A star filled with hope and light

You make everyone’s life happy and bright


So hope for a better tomorrow,

As I can't do that anymore, and I say that with sorrow


But I have faith in you

And so should you too.

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