the big city

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
Finale, Episode ten, Revenge, a dish best served cold...The Supranos meets The wire, Toronto style...

Submitted: March 07, 2017

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Submitted: March 07, 2017




( scene 1 )

( nino is swimming in his pool early in the morning when bruno calls him out the pool )


nino - wow,  that was a good swimm

( bruno gets nino a towel and a robe )

bruno - i have some bad news .

nino - what cud be so bad bruno .the suns shining .i had a great meeting with mr guzman and he offered us new buisness 

with the car deal.what bad newes cud u of brought me ..

bruno - paulie is dead .found in highpark by the police .our contact in the force said paulie got shot close range 

by a silencer 3 times .

nino - i want our men on this .find out who did this .i cant make anything disturb my buisness with mr guzman .if 

he gets wind of this or think we are getting hit when buisness is starting too go well ,he might forget the deal 

no matter how much money we can make him .he likes things qiuet .

bruno - iam on it boss .this hit looks professional .any idea who might of dun this ?

nino - we have alot of enimies bruno .the varenelli's the grassa's .and the dyke miss bagnasco .

bruno - yah but miss bagnasco doesn't know we took her money from the airport .she doesn't even know we secreatly 

control mayor vishnue .weve been off her radar for years .unless the other families found out about guzman 

nino - somethings not right ,and why hit us now unless someone knows something .put men on the other families .

lets see what they know before we hit them .

bruno - and miss bagnasco 

nino - follow her too .someone will show signs of betrayal ,and when they do.they gottah answer for paulie .

( bigcity episode 10 ) 

( scene 2 ) 

( officer dogface and officer munk have brought in stacy evans trisha edwards good friend )

officer dogface - miss edwards ,u know why we have u here today .

stacy - no i don't .i mean is it about trisha .have u found her killer.

detective munk - miss edwards we have been listening in on your conversation with a mr junior hatcher .

aka beast .

stacy - look i have 2 kids i don't want know part of this .

detective munk - iam sorry miss edwards its a lil to late for that .

stacy - but i aint do nothing but talk .

officer dogface - may be we should refresh your memory .

( officer dogface pulls out a tape and puts it in the recorder .)

dogface - this sound like someone u know .

stacy on tape - so what u guys couldn't get out and shoot them .

( officer dogface stops the tape )

stacy - crying - iam sorry i just miss trish .

dogface - get beast to tell u the time and date of the next hit .

stacy - i think he already contracted the hit out to the finch crews .

dogface - just get him to tell u .we will take it from there .and miss evans if any of this leaks out say good 

 by to your kids .go back too your job and home as if everything is normal .beast will look for anything or 

 anyone moving funny .

( stacy gets up and leaves the division ) 

( bigcity episode 10 ) 

( scene 3 ) 

( mongo is at moms house in the morning when he see's fishy having breakfast .) 

fishy - morning cuz 

mongo - morning fishy .wheres ma .

fishy - o she off today, so she went with auntie jackie shopping .

mongo - why your suitcases packed .

fishy - o snap ,i forgot .ive been so busy getting ready .i got accepted to usc in california .leaving .this afternoon 

mongo - wow .good for u fishy that was fast u been here only a month .

fishy - yah i love the bigcity .but cali c'mon .cant say no to that .plus by the looks of it u guys are far to busy 

for me .don't wonna be in nobody's way .

mongo - we haven't always gotten along fishy .but we family 

fishy - u not good at the soft shyt so save it .u showed u cared when u shot those 3 fools .if u can drop me at the 

 airport later iam good 

mongo - got u cuz ,don't say nothing more .

fishy - u hungry i can make some more .

mongo - sure why not .

( fishy and mongo eat and chat )

mongo - that was good .look i gottah run 

fishy - be here by 4 the latest .

mongo - kewl .he leaves .

( big city episode 10 ) 

( scene 4 ) 

( jerome jojo and polo are at jane and wilson seeing and old friend kofi jabari 

african syndicate leader ) 

polo - this african food store has been here like 20 years .i never knew this guy owned it 

jojo - for realz 

jerome - lol u know africans love a food store .

( just then a man with a thick african voice comes too them and says )

kofi's man - come this way .

( the man brings them down stairs where it is large and full of stuffed african animals .

kofi jabari is on his cell phone when he signals them to sit .

kofi  - yes and iam sure to have it by thursday .yes yes .thank u .jerome guerra .its been awhile .

jerome - yah well, been busy 

kofi -yah well it looks like you've dun pretty well with yopurself.i hear your moving up the underworld .

jerome - well moving up the under world has it's price tag .

kofi - so what brings u to see me after all these years phoenix 

jerome - we have hi end cars .my partners need to distribute them in africa .its a growing market .but we 

need secure people over there to make sure the shipments go threw to our people there without hitches 

kofi - whats the numbers look like .

jerome - 15 % on all cars that get delivered .

kofi - this buisness is international .u truly have high friends in high places .

jerome - i always have .i met u long ago no .

kofi - true .but u were young ,your brother was boss of the lane crew .no disrespect but your brother wasn't 

  on international buisness moves .he  liked hood politics .

jerome - that being said do we have a deal .

kofi - i will contact my people in africa .when your ready .call me .

( jerome and his crew leave kofi jabaries store .)

( bigcity episode 10 ) 

( scene 5 ) 

( rope sits with his crew in top driftwood playing dominoes listening to reagge music .)

rope - bloodclat boi .7 love me give unno alrady .bout .

redeye - joke u a joke me give u love last night .

( just then a truck drives by the parking lot out side the backyard .

too guys jump out the back truck wearing obama smiling masks and start to open 

fire .gunhawk comming from out the house returns fire .the power of the auotmatic 

weapons from the guys in the obama smiling mask is too much .gunhawk barely grabs rope 

and when rope is struck .they stumble into the house .the too guys jump back in there 

truck and take off .) 

rope - bloodclat .dem shot me .dem shot .me .dem dead whoeva dead dead .rope passes out .

( police and the ambulance arrive at the seen .kaos is going on outside 

the driftwooed complex .rope is taken away by the anbulance .bigcity news is reporting .

( bigcity episode 10 ) 

( scene 6 )

( are we live .hi iam in the notorious jane and finch niegbourhood where a gang leader has 

been shot at while playing dominoes in this backyard behind me .nobody is talking and police 

have sealed off the backyard .i have here with me detective mcnally from 31 division can u tell 

us anything further .

 detective mcnally - what we do know is .a truck drove around this drive way and to men jumped out wearing obama 

mask and riddled this backyard .this is clearly gang motivated in being that the victim here 

is the leader of the top driftwood gang .we are treating it gang related .

lisa lewis -.thank u detective .anyone who saw anything or knows anything contact detective mcnally at 31 

division or call 222 tips .iam lisa lewis reporting for big city news .

(  bigcity episode 10 ) 

( scene 7 ) 

( stevie makes his way down too see miss bagnasco in the same restaurant as the first time )

stevie - whats with u and this restaurant .i mean theres a million other restaurants in the big city but u come 

here .

 miss bagnasco - i like it .it's small and it gives me a family feeling .i wouldn't expext u too uderstand .

stevie - your right .my dad was an alcholic fuck who beat my moms and me black and blue .that fucked up my 

moms so bad .she beat me on top what my old man did .fucked up .

miss bagnasco - sorry too hear about your disfunctional family 

stevie - well it wasn't so bad .when pops went to jail for 20 years .my moms cleaned up .now she works 

at walmart .

( miss bagnasco look at pepe and juan with a smirk .as if walmart is a job )

miss bagnasco - stevie we need a favour .

stevie - whats that .

miss bagnasco - we have a shipment comming next week .the first one is flour .the second one is the real thing .

take the second one 

stevie - why .?

miss bagnasco - becouse i don't trust the mayor .we lost a shipment .we knew u took it .but u were following 

the mayor's orders now your following mine .divert your men .

stevie - and whats in it for me .if i tell pops iam using his men too take a lost shipment he's gonna ask why .

( just then pepe gives stevie a briefcase full of money ) 

miss bagnasco - i think u can spread the wealth around .remember the second one is ours .

stevie - why the cloak and dagger 

miss bagnasco - the mayor lost 22 million of our money .it went to someone .and i want too know who .

if i know the mayor he will call me with some bad news .then i will tell him i got the shipment.

stevie - sonner or later the mayor will choke .

miss bagnasco - right .if he thinks were on too him he will change his tactics .and we can force him out .

stevie - good now were talking .never liked his snobby ass .

miss bagnasco - call pepe with this phone .here's the # .

stevie - your not that bad of a bitch after all 

( stevie gets up and leaves the restaurant .)

( bigcity episode 10 )

(  scene 8  )

( mongo picks up fishy and there on there way to the airport .)

claire guerra - o we gonna miss u fishy .hope u come back to visit us .

fishy - cmon aunti claire ,u know i gottah come back for your food .

mongo - so usc .thats kewl .oj simpson went there .

claire guerra - lets talk about someone more positive .

fishy - yah usc is nice .getting a masters in history there would be kewl so i guess i gottah give it a shot .

( just then mongo pulls up too the aairport .mongo takes fishies suit casses out the trunk 

moms gives spliffy a kiss on the cheek and tells him too call when he touches down .mongo walks 

fishy too the check in .

fishy - here read it when u get the chance .and thanks again mongo .

mongo - o hear this is for u .

( mongo hands fishy  a envelope full of money )


fishy - thanks cuz 

mongo - peace .  

( bigcity episode 10 ) 

( scene 9 )

( officer callahan and dogface reach back too there division ) 

dogface - going to the washroom 

callahan - making a call .

( dogface goes too the wasrhroom while callahan gets on the phone and calls nova .)

nova - what the fuck u had my boys on the streets with gats .and no beast .

callahan - or intel was wrong .i will check into it .

( just then dogface returns )

dogface - fdssjjjjjjkkkkk

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