Wolves of Gaia

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Prolog (v.1) - Introduction

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Erin Donovich

Erin Donovich is sixty-five years old and is the daughter of Helen and Donald Donovich. She grew up inside the city of Langsley, CO with both of her parents. Often times she spent her days exploring the city via her bicycle, and sometimes roaming in places she wasn't allowed.

Her father trained her at a young age how to operate everything within the nuclear power plant,  that in the event of his death she could take over. However, as she grew up she moved on to bigger dreams. At last, at the age of twenty-five she moved out of her parent's home in Langsley and headed for New York City. There she attended the University and got her degree in Business Financing. Shortly after she landed a job at Kratos Energy HQ as a receptionist and later became the CFO.

In chapter one of Wolves of Gaia she is the CFO of Kratos Energy. She worked for Richard Callaghan Senior for nearly thirty years and was considered one of his more favorable employees. However, she is despised by Richard Junior and eventually pushes him to terminate her career at Kratos Energy NYC Headquarters.

Erin is a headstrong woman who often lets her own ideas and opinions dictate her life, which often leads her to trouble. She is tenderhearted when it comes to the younger crowd, as she is young at heart herself. She longs for freedom from the strict government and often feels stagnant or uselss to others.


Harlow Williams

Harlow Williams is twenty years old raised in a village by the name of Wheaton (or Sector 9) one hundred miles southwest of Langsley, CO. She grew up with three older siblings (two brothers and a sister) and her mother and father. All of which possess no were-blood, though she managed to inherit the gene from one relative deep into her ancestry. She is completely unaware of this fact, though she often has dreams or visions of her werefox ancestors.

Her siblings were always put off by her strange eyes and peculiar mannerisms, so she was often ignored or bullied by them. Once they were old enough to be on their own they left home, scattering to other neighboring villages.

While her parents were kind to her they were ignorant of their daughter's emotional needs. Often times Harlow would find herself home alone, and so she had to grow up sooner than most children.

Harlow and Finn met at a reform school for Sector children and quickly became best friends. Eventually, they were inseperable. Once Harlow and Finn were old enough to leave Sector 9 at the age of twelve, her parents moved them to Sector 4 in hopes of having a better life. Soon after ariving at Sector 4 her parents died during a run to the underground stockpiles in Langsley. She was undaunted by their deaths as she had already emotionally detached from them at a young age.

She has a bit of a bad attitude with most people, but Finn knows how to handle her better than anyone. Harlow only ever seems to care about Finn, with little to no interest (or patience) for anyone else. She is incredibly sarcastic and quick to judge, but has the quickest wit of any girl her age. While she may not look it she has an impressive amount of strength and agility.


Finn Walsh

Finn Walsh is twenty years old and was born in the wilderness outside of Sector 9. He grew up as the only child with his mother and father. Finn's birth parents were not exceptional people, and did not possess wolfen blood. Though Finn's grandparents did, which is how the gene was passed on to him. He has no idea that he his part of a centuries old family of werewolves. They all perished from the Extermination, which killed 90 percent of all wild species.

At the age of three his family was killed by government military during a raid at Sector 9 that started in the year 2300 and ended two years later. He learned to take care of himself and was soon placed into a village home where he lived until the age of six.

He befriended a young girl the same age as him that he attended reform school with. Her parents adopted him and brought them to Sector 4 where they eventually 
were captured and killed after making a run to Langsley to steal from the underground stockpiles of food. Finn mourned their deaths as they had been the only family he had ever known.

Finn is easy-going and has almost no fear of the natural world, though he does fear cities and large crowds of strangers. He can be hot-tempered if set off by the right triggers. He is impulsive and dangerously curious about most things which usually gets him into a lot of trouble, which Harlow is forcibly dragged into.



Cronus is the eldest brother of the four wolf children, at least four years old if not a little more. 

He shares a father with Tethys. Cronus' killed his father during a disagreement between he and Mother. He carries a deep guilt within him because of this, sometimes using his siblings as scapegoats or punching bags to channel his anger.

Though he denies it, he cares deeply for his siblings, but simply because they are younger he acts as an instigator.

Cronus is wreckless, curious, brave, and brash. This personality often gets him reprimanded by his Mother, though she allows him considerable margin for error.



Ceto & Nerus

Ceto and Nerus are the last two surviving pups of a litter of six, four of which were stillborn. They are both approximately four months of age within the timeframe of the first twelve chapters.

Both were born to the same father as Rhea.

The two pups are becoming more curious of their surroundings as time goes on, but at this young age they are usually napping or pestering the older siblings for attention. They have a special affinity for Cronus.

Neither are vocal for the first twelve chapters in Wolves of Gaia.





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