The letters she never received - Part 4

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Submitted: March 07, 2017

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Submitted: March 07, 2017



My dearest Clarinton

Where do I start and how should I explain? If I took you to a memory from our lonesome past, would that help? Even though I have so much to say, why should I be the one to awake a storm so strong and so wicked.

Oh, dear Clarinton once upon a time, you were the highlight of my thoughts! I would see your face in every single rain drop and in every sunflower.

But now my brain plays tricks on me, telling me to say Adieu - farewell because the dream I had of you is fading away, wishing me a bon voyage. I feel so dreadful and our love is slipping away so slowly like a glacier.

My shadow dances and laughs in my face because I will not permit a memory or recall a vision of me obsessing over you then again, I pray to an unseen force wishing our feelings were mutual. Days will turn to months and months into years. I will ask myself has it been that long, where has time gone?

Yours is a face of which I can forget “the colours and the features, Yes but the smile not yet;”

Yours truly 

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