A Danger of EVP : Tricksters

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Submitted: March 07, 2017

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Submitted: March 07, 2017



March, 2017

The Tricksters:

  I reflect tonight on what I may have been doing right now exactly two years ago. That’s how long it’s been since I first started hearing voices. It was during the end of February and early March of 2015 that I first started to hear these intrusive and harassing voices. This was all brought about after I had been experimenting with EVP during that winter. When I experienced my first incident of hearing these negative voices outside of my recordings, I remember that it caught me completely by surprise. I had been hearing them, these same malevolent voices, on my EVP recordings for a few weeks prior but, I would have never expected to begin to hear them with just my ears outside of the recordings.

They sprung this surprise on me one day while I was at work near a running fan. Seemingly out of the blue, I began to hear voices emerging quite clearly over the noise of the fan and it was in fact these same malevolent voices that had recently begun to appear on my EVP recordings. Many people have told me that it is just my mind playing tricks on me, that it’s my mind trying to seek out voice patterns in the noise. All I can say is that these voices were quite clear and they literally seemed to jump out of the noise.

  During the next couple of days after this first incident, I began to have even more incidents of hearing these voices. Well, at this point I had decided that I had had enough and that I wasn’t going to mess with EVP anymore, hoping that this would reverse the troubling situation and that I would be able to escape from it all and never look back. But, unfortunately just quitting recording for EVP wasn’t enough. I had gone clairaudient and I was stuck hearing these intrusive and harassing voices that only seemed interested in trying to cause me to feel fear and anxiety.

  Did I try and reason with them? Yes, more times than I can remember, but my efforts were always in vain. These malevolent entities seemed so set in their ways and their intentions that trying to interact with them to resolve this distressing situation never did any good.

 During the first few months of my oppression, these malevolent entities tried to set themselves up as my puppet masters and psychologically get me into a situation where they could easily manipulate me. During this time, they told me all sorts of distressing things and concocted elaborate story-lines in an effort to fill my head with fear and despair.

  Another tactic of theirs is that they would literally try and break me down psychologically. They would harass me about my sins and character flaws over and over. They would exaggerate things to such an extreme degree in an effort to get me to feel very low about myself. They are very crafty at psychological mind games and in the beginning stages of my oppression situation, I was still so in shock about what I was experiencing, that I was very vulnerable and open to these psychological attacks.

  When I believed what they said, I often feared what they said and this led me to a bad place. I descended further down the rabbit hole. Many of the mind games that these malevolent entities played essentially involved a situation where it was these trickster entities setting me up for a big joke. There was always this pervading trickster quality about them. In fact, back during the beginning of my oppression, I would on occasion hear a voice say “we lift you up to take you down.” That’s exactly what it felt like for me at the time. These malevolent entities would often try to have me going around in circles. They would often repeat the same phrases over and over again for a time. These phrases that they repeated were usually something that would get me thinking about what they meant by it. Then, all of a sudden they would say something that would seem to contradict their previous statements and then they would start repeating this over and over again for a time. They seemed to have a whole bag of tricks and ploys that they used. I got the impression that they really knew what they were doing as far as psychological harassment goes. Once I started to recognize and become familiar with their tactics, I was able to defuse their attempts at using mind games and I was able to a considerable degree, break the oppressive hold that they held over me.

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