Bravery pirate test

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Hello! Thank you for reading my book, it really means a lot. Please make sure to tell me In the comments how this book was! I made it especially for the little ones out there!

Submitted: March 07, 2017

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Submitted: March 07, 2017



Once there was a girl named Beeklyn, Beeklyn wasn't just your average girl pirate, she would mess around too much and she would worry! That's all she would do she would always worry about the bravery pirate test.

The bravery pirate test was a test that all pirates had to take to see if they were brave enough to do anything that's really terrifying. So if you passed the test you would get to live on Bravery Island for one year until the bravery test again. But if you didn't pass you would have to live on Coward Island. You only really become a pirate if you pass the Bravery test. So now, let me tell you the story about a couple of days before the Bravery test and how Beeklyn felt about it.

It was a couple days before the Bravery Test and Beeklyn worried. She was so worried about the Bravery test that every special event she had she didn't go to and she studied all day long until dawn. The reason she did this was because the last few years she never passed the Bravery test, so this year she's going to change her life and pass the test! 

It was finally the day of the Bravery test. Every time she thought about the Bravery test she would get a big lump in her throat of nervousness. But on the other hand she would just smile because she also knew that she studied, which was the right thing to do. To get to Bravery Island the Captain would come in a helicopter and pick you up. Getting ready in her room, Beeklyn saw the helicopter in the distance and she thought 
"I can do this."
Then she heard a knock on the door. " I GOT THIS!" she said excitedly and nervous. She opened the door and she saw Captain Know it all. (No seriously that was his name) but anyways she opened the door and saw the Captian.
 "Hello im Captain Know it all.And you must be Bee-kalyn?" 
"No, its Bee-klyn, but yeah that's me!"
" Okay follow me it's time to go to Bravery Island to take the test!" said Captain Know it all like he's trying to hide something because he was grinning.
Beeklyn follows Captain know it all and hops in the helicopter. 
Beeklyn can finally see Bravery Island from a short distance and she think " I can do this i've been practicing for a year."
Then they land. A big dashing red flame of nervousness comes out of her head. Well, she thinks it does. "I .... GOT..... THIS!" she states
Then everyone gets out of different helicopters and everyone lines up in a big, wide, circle. Then Captain Know It All speaks
"Hello everyone, I'm Captain Know it All and we're all gathered here today for one of the most important things ever in pirate history, nah i'm just kidding but it's very important. But who can tell me about what the test is all about?" Of course Beeklyn raises her hand first because she's being studying day and night until dawn.
" Um, yes Beeklyn" says Captain Know It All pointing at Beeklyn.
" The test is to see if your a true pirate so they test you on the test on how brave you are. And many more"
" Great answer Beeklyn since that was a great example I might be giving you a bonus point."
" Oh well that would be lovely!" Said Beeklyn so impressed and happy
"Okay everyone please take a seat with the lawn chairs and my helpers will pass out the Bravery Pirate Test."
"Beeklyn thinks to herself. Do you know what, I'm going to pass i just know I am because i practiced for so long that these are going to feel like questions a little kid would get." Right after Beeklyn thinks about that a 6 sheet paper appears on her little lap.
Beeklyn puts her name on her paper and gets to work the first 9 questions were easy three of them were " What does it take to be a pirate?" "Do pirates sometimes act crazy?" or there's " Do pirates or a Captain lead a crew/ship?" Those questions were really easy then she flipped all the papers looked at all the questions finished them and then walked to the captain who was 2 feet away and handed her paper. 
 " Okay Beeklyn you have finished your test so now you may go into the helicopter and my crew members will take you home, and you will be sure to have a paper saying if you passed or not in the mail very soon."
" Okay, great! Thanks so much Captain Know It All!"
" Your certainly welcome!"

A few days passed days passed and finally the paper it came in the mail! Before Beeklyn could even open it , she just had to take a nice look at it. It was a gold and red chevron envelope with a white seal that had a cute little boat on the seal. She carefully opened the envelope and she read the big letters saying CONGRATULATIONS YOU PASSED! CREW MEMBERS WILL BE PICKING YOU UP IN A WEEK SO MAKE SURE TO PACK BIG BAG! WE CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU"
And in pretty cursive letters
Captain Know It All

Beeklyn couldn't believe she passed! She hugged all her study books and said " I couldn't of done it without you books." 







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