(My own) ending for the manga From Up Above

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this is after kazuchi left yuuto to find the snake god

Submitted: March 07, 2017

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Submitted: March 07, 2017





I've lived almost for 2 months beside you. I've watched you, talked to you, and put you down. I never thought of you first. It was always me.  I never once thought i could love you. Ever. You came to me and at first i hated you. I wanted nothing to do with you. You kissed me!! Took my energy. You left me! I was left wondering...if those kisses were real or not. What were they?




“Wake up, Yuuto!” A voice called out to me, and i groaned, rolling out of bed. Another dream about Kazuchi.


Why did i care for him so much? All he did was leave me when i finally got to know him. I haven’t seen him since. I wonder…


..if he is still the person who only cared about himself. If he would still argue with me. If he would still smile when he flies.




“Kazuchi. I know it may not be much, but did you finally find her? The person you have mistaken me for? Aki, like you said?”


I stop, hoping for some sort of answer when…


“Yuuto!” I whirl around, and there’s Wakana, my sister. Not...Kazuchi. It’s not.


Despair swirls around me, and i sigh, releasing my annoyance. Then a loud, brash thunderclap startles both of us.


Wakana looks up, her tired-looking face surprised. I take into account just how...brown her eyes are. Not like that means anything. But Kazuchi’s eyes were that beautiful color of sunlight.




I remember when he dispelled the rain, making it perfect for me and Takumi to go shopping for that stereo. That was our last ‘kiss’. And my mind didn't stop whirling for about an hour later. He had taken almost all my energy that time.


“Yuuto? Come on, you'll be late!” Right. School. Got to focus. I can't keep worrying about Kazuchi anymore. It’s over. Finished. He set off to do what he wanted to do. I'm ok with that.


But if i'm ok like i said...then what is this feeling in my heart? This sadness? Do i...miss him?


No. that’s dumb. I don't miss Kazuchi. I'm just getting used to life without him. And life with all my energy..being mine.


In class, Takumi watches me, his head cocked. He knows something is up-he can read me like that-but the last thing i want is to tell him what’s wrong when i don't even know what’s wrong myself. How can i tell him that i miss Kazuchi like this...when deep down i don't even know if i can trust him. Especially after what happened with him and...Dragon. The snake god Kazuchi went after.


He was involved. Takumi was.  A week after his exorcism, he broke down in front of me, telling me everything him and Dragon had done. I was jealous. Dragon and Takumi had something-fake as it was-that i would never have wi-


“Kiyohara...? Class is over..”


“Huh?” I snap out of my stupor, and come face to face with Takumi Takimoto and the teacher. Oh. Class. Right.




“What’s up, Yuuto? You look like you saw a ghost!” Takumi jokes, but my tears take that as a cue to slowly stream down my face, adding to my mortification. “...Yuuto..?”


I shake my head, and run, blindly. I can’t see where i'm going. I can’t see at all. All i see is a blur, a gray, moving blur. One sign stands out, and i make a beeline for it.


The janitor’s closet.


Once inside, i lock the door behind me as more tears flow down my face.


Damn it. I miss Kazuchi so much. I really do. I'm so jealous of Takumi. Why did he have to have someone like that with him? Why wasn’t that me?! Overcome with anger, my fists find the wall and pound it hard, and all the while i can't stop myself from crying out at the pain in my heart-and fists.


I'm so mad. And i don’t know why. Why am i so mad at a stranger, someone who butted his life into mine, took my energy, and tricked my family’s minds. Why do i miss him like this? It’s this fugitive ache in my heart that won’t go away, and it hurts. My chest hurts. I can’t breathe. My whole body feels like it’s weighed down with a gray cloud.


Could thi-


Is this….


What they call love? Do i...love Kazuchi? Is that what this is? Love? Am i in love with him? But...he’s a God. i'm human, no matter what Kazuchi says.  I'm human. That’s besides the poi-


An image of Kazuchi’s face, smiling, flashes in front of me, and i let out a raw, almost insane cry. Why did i have to see that? Why do i have to feel this-whatever it is-for him? For the person that left me? For the God who only kissed me because he was hungry for energy?-


Your energy is delicious..


He does not understand. It is nothing else for me.


Right. It was nothing else. That’s all. I was just..his...food.


I slowly open the door of the closet, peeking my head out. Looks like class already started. I'm going to take the easy way out, like how Kazuchi did by leaving me.


I call home sick.


At my house, i flop onto my bed, burying my face in the pillows. That was just horrible. Horrible. Why did i have to endure that? Why did he have to pick me out of all others to bother? Is it-


Sobs, deep, wracking ones fill my chest, and force their way out, leaving my body quivering with their strength. This is not normal. I shouldn’t miss him so much. I shouldn’t miss someone who betrayed me like this so much.


i miss him. I miss him.


“I miss him!” It leaves my body in a heartbroken yell. “I miss him...i..Kazuchi…”


I get up, and walk over to the window. Peeking my head out, i see that it is still storming. An idea pops into my head. Perfect. Why didn't i think of this before?


Leaning half of my body outside, i raise my head towards the thunderclouds.


“Please come back! Let me be struck by lightning! I want to see you again, Kazuchi!” I learned that calling a thunder God like that could, essentially (hopefully??) will call them back again.


There’s a horrible cracking sound, a white-hot flash of light, then blackness.


My only hope is...that i called the right lightning bolt.


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