Match Made in Heaven

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In the event that you adore somebody., don't keep down your emotions., since affection is the motivation to live.

Submitted: March 07, 2017

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Submitted: March 07, 2017



The blustery wind playing woodwind by entering the spouts in the bamboo trees. The damp and clamminess of the air is chilling everyone. Almost all the birds accomplished their nests and sustaining their nestlings with what they have spared amid the daytime. The sun is about to set. Mr. Sathyanath is playing tennis with his group of retired army officers. Kishore is running quickly with a can loaded with water in one hand and the chain of Daison in other hand, 3 years aged Labrador.

Hasini shouting that "Come fast Kishore, It's time, I think they were going to stop the game. Come fast."

Kishore achieved Hasini's seat in the park and gave the bottle brimming with water to Hasini. Daison and Kishore were breathing vigorously, on account of the long keep running in the grass path at the recreation center. Hasini poured the water to the seat adjacent to her. All of a sudden, all the three Hasini, Kishore and Daison fled from that place and take cover behind the tree in the recreation center. Mr. Sathyanath achieved his seat. He found that his tracks sack were kicked wet and off hunting down Hasini. Daison behind the tree yapped and made Mr. Sathyanath to effortlessly recognize Hasini and Kishore. Sathyanath began yelling indignantly Hasini and Kishore. "You two were regularly pouring water in my tracks bags. If I catch you then I don't know what I will do."

Kishore replied "Uncle, then before catching us, decide what you gonna do." All the retired old men and Hasini were begun giggling. At that instant, the blare sounds louder and everybody left the park. While returning home Sathyanath has whined everything to Hasini's mother at her home, Sathyanath is Hasini's neighbor. While hearing every one of the things Hasini's mother got irate and sitting tight for Hasini's landing.

The three Hasini, Kishore and Daison achieved home. Hasini's Mom, begun reproving her. Kishore intruded on her and said "Aunty, she doesn't do anything. Really, the bottle got slipped while drinking water."

 Daison too yelps uproariously against Mom to quit reproving Hasini.

Hasini’s Mom said "I acknowledge that both of you were companions from the childhood, yet both of you doing likewise things from the very beginning. Sathyanath is whining you both for the same playful things  from the past 12 years. You individuals were not school going children. Both of you were in the following phase of life. Kishore, you need to get settled in a great job and she needs to finish her CA exam. But, the things you were doing resembles a school going youngsters".

Kishore dropped his head as an indication of tolerating Mom's words. Hasini went inside her room irately with a mumbling sound, since her mother noted down the point Kishore is unemployed and hunting down for a job.

Following a couple of minutes of time Kishore left Hasini's home.

While going home Kishore went the hospital to donate blood, however specialists got the sample of his blood and advised they have to test it, in light of the fact that for as far back as one year he hasn't given blood. Also, requesting to come the next following day to donate the blood, since as of now the patient's relative has given the blood for that day.

Kishore reached his home by 8:00 at night. He dialed Hasini's mobile number and began dictating everything occurred in the hospital and Hasini began pointing the finger at Sathyanath and yelling her mother.

The clock has changed his hands to accomplish 9 and Kishore's mother were begun yelling Kishore to turn off the cell phone and take supper.

The following day, Hasini went CA class and achieved the park where Kishore and Hasini meet frequently. She has been sitting tight for quite a while but Kishore hasn't come park yet. Mr. Sathyanath and their group began joking Hasini.

"Child, where is your best. Did you, send him to the water tank or to the Holy Ganges for water. Today, you are not going to fill my bag with water ah?".

Hasini got affronted and replied, “I won’t  speak with you, don’t abrade me.”And turned her head from them and adjusted her head by setting her palm on the jaw, with a dismal face.

Sathyanath, drew close to Hasini and told "Why dear?, Are you got pitiful for grumbling about you to your Mom? Is it true that you are in irate? If you don't mind, could you please stop this non-sense, I couldn't see my child in a saddest face."

Hasini stated, "No uncle, from the morning I am calling Kishore however he hasn't picked the call. I thought he will come park in the evening, but he didn't came yet" in a chafed voice.

"Cool dear, I think, he may went for an interview. Hold up, he will call you once he got free." Sathyanath answered.

"But, He hasn’t attended any interview without informing me and moreover he hasn't said anything like he is having interview today". Hasini said sadly.

By one means or another Sathyanath , persuaded Hasini over the stroll to her home and left at her doorstep.

Hasini, dialed Kishore's number many times, but, he hasn't gotten the call. She got irate and the night got to be distinctly restless. Hasini, cried a lot. She understood how much kishore intends for her. The following day Hasini woke up with a telephone call. It was Kishore.

Hasini, was happy to go to the call and wanted to clarify the amount she cherishes him. Hasini stated, "You would prefer not to open your mouth for telling reasons" and stopped in a goal to clarify her adoration.

Kishore at the other end says “Hmmm., I too haven’t called to explain you the reasons” in a mild tone.

Hasini, though even Kishore likewise felt the same thing as she felt yesterday night and she needed to propose him first. So she said "I'm not prepared to listen your words kindly don't talk" in a harsh and hard tone via telephone however with slippery grin confront.

Kishore said. "For that exclusive I called you. I won't get back to you. Bye.." and disconnected the call.

Hasini, understood that something turned out badly. Everything flashed her memory. She began feeling desolate, dismissals and broken. Again, it made her eyes to push her detaches. Her rosy confront got to be distinctly red, she cried. She shouted. She remained at her room, cried, cried and cried.

The following day she wanted to go Kishore's home and to meet him. She disclosed everything to Sathyanath and he excessively joined, making it impossible to go Kishore's home. Hasini, got few chocolates and a card. Sathyanath and Hasini found a music store while going to Kishore's home. Sathyanath halted his car and Haisini went to that music store and purchased Jagjit Singh's melodic CD on the grounds that Kishore is a stalwart of Jagjit's. Sathyanath, is holding up at the opposite side of the store for Hasini. Sathyanath essentially thinks about the two adolescents and enjoying the established music playing in his car. All of a sudden he heard a sound of a vehicle skidding. He drops down from the car. He saw the blossoms were spread out and about and a skidded lorry in his right hand side. It was an accident, a group fenced the individual who met a mischance. Sathyanath wished it ought not to be Hasini. He went close to the group and seen that Hasini lying oblivious in the street because of a substantial blood misfortune and an overwhelming harm in her head, the destiny has totally prematurely ended Sathyanath's desire. He conceded Hasini in the hospital.

Doctor’s inspected and told, "Just god ought to deal with her". On account of the substantial blood misfortune and they said they have to give blood to her immediately. Hasini's Mom informed that Hasini and Kishore were having the same AB+ blood group. Sathyanath, instantly went to Kishore's home and picked him to the hospital and requested him to give blood. But, Kishore declined to give. In the midst of the period, the hospital arranged the blood from the blood donation center and following four hours of time, doctors said that, "Now she is a little bit better than the earlier stage,but we have to keep her in the ICU for the following 48 hours. Then only we can close whether she has been completely recouped from the basic stage or not. And any two of you can go and meet her now".

Kishore and Haisini's mother went inside the ICU ward. Hasini was lying in the bed. All the beep sounds and the crisscross lines in the screens around her telling that she is alive. A drop of water from Kishore's rosy eye fell down on Hasini's hand. A slight development in Hasini's body was watched. She opened her eyes with Kishore's name. Kishore took her hand and said, “I’m sorry, it’s all my mistake. I promise when you get better, I’ll make it up to you.”

Hasini said, “I won’t get better.”

All of a sudden Kishore kept hand on Hasini's lips and said "No., don't state that."

At that point, Hasini asked, "Kishore before everything closes I have to know why you began keeping away from me. Am I did anything wrong."

Kishore remained silence.

"No., It's all fate. I revealed to you that I went to the hospital for giving blood, however, I didn't disclose to you the consequence of my blood test. Doctor's told there was an indication of Leukemia in my blood. I know you can't endure this so I chose to avoid you. Since I adore you Hasini" with a tear in his eyes.

The horrendous situation made Hasini unspeakable. Be that as it may, at the same time she felt happy in light of the fact that Kishore too felt an indistinguishable love from Hasini. She felt profound and she shut her eyes with an incredible grin on her lips, her heart ceased with the sound of lup. She died.

Kishore shouted, yelled. He thought like him is the reason behind Hasini's demise. In no time flat he tumbled down, he lost's his hold on the earth.

In the event that you adore somebody., don't keep down your emotions., since affection is the motivation to live.

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