Camping and Fishing

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On a warm summer day, a family of four spends the day at the pond of the campgrounds fishing, something the kids have never done before. What will they catch?

Submitted: March 14, 2017

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It was the Summer months of 2016, Elliot and his Brother, Raymond grew up camping with thier parents, LynnMarie and James. They loved fishing at the Country Campground where they had a decent sized fishing pond loaded with trout. Growing up, LynnMarie picked the brothers up after school at the pick up area for students.

They loved the fishing pond, often times they just went to check out the hot chicks, which was on a daily basis. During the week in the early evening, James took the brothers fishing at the local fishing pier where they had bass, trout, sunfish just to name a few in the lake. They once caught a fish for the first time ever at that particular lake! "That thing put up a fight!" Elliot screamed after reeling it into shore. "Wow!"  I was paranoid it was to big for my pole, I tried fought and fought it and I won.

Elliot was impressed with his catch, desperatly wanting to have it mounted as a trophy it was big enough, of course. Raymond was jealous he didn't have much luck unlike his brother. He sat there and sat there for a hour without a bite until he felt something tug his line. He reeled in his line but lost the tug movement shortly after. "Son of a!" He screamed in angry and disbelief. He threw his ball cap to the ground kicking the grass with his boot. He gave up for the night and sat in the family's van the remainder of the time his father and Brother were fishing. The phone rang about ten minutes before the gentlemen were picking up their tackle and packing up.

"Hello?" James said. "Hey sugar sweet, how are you?" Flirty much? I asked myself as I was thinking my wife was on crack. "Nothing much my sweet daring LynnMarie informed her older husband. Just missing my sexy king. When will you be home?" Well our boy just caught his first fish here and he's pretty excited."I know what's for supper tommorow night!" I laughed at my wife over the phone and hung up. When I get home, I'll be a in the dog house for sure.

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Camping and Fishing

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