When The Devil Prays

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A story that has been floating in my mind for months. It's a basic background idea for a character. I plan to expand more on my game characters and their origins through stories like these. A girl named Sophie is kidnapped and used as a vessel for a ritual that was never meant to work. The cult preps the ritual incorrectly and reads the script wrong, but in their horror still manage to complete the ritual. In complete and utter disbelief the cultist brings upon themselves something of heaven and hell.

Submitted: March 08, 2017

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Submitted: March 08, 2017



When The Devil Prays

Chapter One: The Ritual

I could hear my mother calling for me. Her message is carried in the wind that blows through the trees. The cool fresh air of autumn's embrace. The rustle of the leaves as they are thrown about in the air. The colors of the trees are warming to the eyes and the sun peeking through the leaves and branches leave a forever graceful touch to my secret place in the woods. I was in the clearing by the creek when I heard my mother’s call. I turned around and started back towards the house. Getting a running start I can jump the trail to the creek with ease. It’s only a few yards from the clearing to the backyard of my house. As I shot out of the woods, my mother caught sight of me.

“There you are, come on in and make you a plate before it gets cold,” Mamma said.

“The weather is starting to get cold again mamma!” I said excitedly. “I will need a bigger jacket soon.”

“You know good and well we ain’t got the money for that.”

“Yeah, I know” with a broken tone “I hate it.”

“Sophia please, sit and eat.” mamma said softly “we will go downtown tomorrow and see what they have.”

“Thank you, mamma!”

“I can’t promise we will be able to get you anything.”

“Well, I can see what I would like to save money for,” I said. The house we live in is not the best. The wallpaper is peeling pretty badly in some places, and the wood flooring creaks loudly. The ceiling leaks during heavy rain. Even amongst all the flaws, this house stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The long empty hallway helps keep the air flowing freely from the front door to the back door.

After lunch, I ran outside to return to my secret place in the woods. The only place my mind is clear and free. The sun is still strong in the sky. The wind has stopped. There is a peaceful silence in the air. I walked a bit deeper till I reached my rock. The erosion has formed a nice slope, like a bean bag chair. I clear the leaves from the rock and hop on top. I can feel the cold instantly through my clothes. I come here and think every day. After school, this is where you will find me. The warmth of my scarf starts to feel like an invite to a nap. The rock has lost its cold touch and now cradles me with comfort. My paradise upon this stone throne.

My eyes slowly flutter open, and I notice the sun has gone away. “Oh no!” I thought “mamma is going to kill me!” I shot up and threw myself off the rock, and began running towards the house. I ran straight through the clearing and across the trail to the creek. “I can’t believe a napped for that long!” I said, out of breath. As I reached the edge of the woods I could see the lights of the kitchen window in slivers through the trees. Out of nowhere, something hit my leg and sent me to the ground. I looked behind me and saw nothing that could have tripped me.

“hello, sweetie.” Said a voice from the dark in an unsettling manner. “What’s with all the running? I hope you don’t have somewhere to be.”

“I have to get home!” I said.

“Oh but we need your help you see”

I looked around and couldn’t see where the voice was coming from. I began to feel a deep pain in my right leg.

The voice started to get closer “We need you to help us with a little, how would I put this,” he began to speak firmly “we need you as an offering to the one who fell from grace.”

“Please Don’t hurt me! I pleaded.

“We won’t kill you if that’s comforting for you.”

I could hear the footsteps of the man as he walked closer to me. I couldn’t move from fear, but I gained a bit of strength and lifted myself up and began to run. A fierce pain from my leg brought me back down again, and then with a sudden loud crack, everything went black.

When I came to, I could smell the stench of mold. The air was thick with it. My head was throbbing with pain. I looked down and saw my bare feet being dragged. I felt cold air flowing through my legs. My whole body felt weak and unresponsive. I could barely look around, but what I could see looked like an old hospital. There were tiles all along the wall with a few missing here and there. The halls had patches of rotted holes in the floors and walls. The building was very old and decaying.  There were two people holding my arms as they dragged me to an unknown destination. One of them readjusted his hold which yanked my arm. A drop of blood fell from my nose. I started to feel where the blood was coming from as the air flowed across the trail it had left from the back of my head to my nose. Some of the blood got lost and found itself in my eye. “Where am I?” I said, weakly. No response. “Where are you taking me?”

“Keep quite!” one of them whispered, angrily.

The only sounds were the solid clicks of their boots as they marched in sync with one another. I was cold and scared. I had no clue what was going to happen to me. The men suddenly stopped and I heard a door handle turn. The loud squeak of the door as it flung open hurt my ears, and left a discomfort in my teeth. We entered into a room and a few steps later the men lifted me up and placed me in a chair with leather straps bolted to the frame. They secured my arms first, then my legs. The men walked out and slammed the door behind them. I couldn’t move. They didn’t leave any slack in the restraints. I tried to lift my head up but I was too weak. “Hello?” I said, in a trembling voice. There was nothing but ringing from the absolute silence. No echo, and no ambiance.

A few moments later I found some of my strength returning. I lifted my head and found that I was in a dentist’s chair. I had been restrained and laid completely flat. My arms and legs were spread apart. I was also put into a white dress that just slightly reached my knees. The room was dark. The moon cast light shafts from the window onto my chest. The door at the end of the room slammed open and made a loud bang as it hit the wall. Three men stepped in all wearing black suits and a mask. The man in the middle walked towards me; the others stepped to the side as if they were guarding the door. The man in the middle had a red tie, unlike the others which wore black. The man with the red tie walked to the end of the chair and appeared to be looking me over as if he was looking at meat from the deli shop.

“You must be quite terrified little one?” he said, in the same tone as the man from the woods. “You must be wondering what will become of you.” The man pulled a dagger from his belt. The dagger was made from solid gold with a red ribbon tied at the hilt. The light bounced off its edges creating a yellow streak on the wall. “Let me show you!” the man yelled, as he sliced into my wrist.

“No!” I yelled, crying pain. The blood flowed without pause from my wrist. I could hear it hitting the floor and begin to form a puddle. When I turned towards the man, he had made his way to my right side and sliced open my other wrist. I screamed in pain.

“Please stop!” I cried.

“Oh, but I can’t sweetie. I must! I must!” the man said, while lightly dancing around me. “Put the bowls under her arms.” The man instructed “you see, we need your help” he slides one of the bowls under my right arm “we need your blood and your body.” Said the man.

“Why are you doing this to me?” I asked.

“You will see soon enough sweetie. For now, lie here and rest.” As he walked towards the door “you will need your strength.” Said the man, in a chuckle. One of the other men walked over to the window and opened it up all the way. The freezing wind rushed in and seemed to hug me with a deathly embrace.

I awake abruptly with a splash on my face followed by the strong smell of gasoline.

“Rise and shine sweetie, It’s time to face the fire!” said the man with the red tie. “As we all gather here tonight remember the trials and tribulations we went through. Remember everything so that this feat will be that much sweeter.”

I was suspended high on a pole, my hands and feet were bound to the pole. I was deep in the woods somewhere. The air was freezing cold and I couldn’t control my shivering. The man with the red tie stood below me and several men accompanied him. He lifted his finger and all the men took positions in a circle around me. There were markings and lines in the dirt written in blood. My blood no doubt. My heart was beating fast and hard. The man with the red tie took a small book from his coat pocket and began to recite its words in a foreign language. The wind stopped and any sound from the woods was silenced. The only sound was the beat of my heart and his chanting. Suddenly a fire from beneath me in the stack of logs cracked and popped its way to life. I started to scream in the hopes I would be heard but nothing would come out. I tried to wiggle the knots loose but I wasn’t strong enough.

“I’m going to die tonight.” I thought to myself. The fire beneath me grew as the man spoke louder and faster. In no time at all the fire was blazing and had reached my feet. The fire didn’t burn me. When the fire touched, it left numbness and a pricking sensation. The fire was at my waist when I felt a painful surge hit my body. It started in my chest and flooded my body. The pain started pulsing as my body was being engulfed by the flames. My screams and pleas left no effect on the men’s faces. The pain became so unbearable, I wanted to die. My body was suddenly stiffened as a growing energy from my chest radiated its way through my muscles. The air in my lungs left me and my eyes felt submerged in water. I could feel this indescribable clarity come over me. The pain Slowly faded and I was left with a strange peace. I felt happy and calm. The man with the red tie looked up from the book and was shocked by what he saw. All the other men started to look around with concern. The fire beneath me exploded out with great force and vanished. Everyone, including the man with the red tie, was flung to the ground. The rope that bound me to the pole ripped itself to shreds and I fell to the ground. I picked my head up and saw the men getting up and running in a frantic rush. The man with the red tie however slowly got up and began to approach me. I got to my knees and looked up to see the man pulling the gold dagger from his belt. Before I could get my hands up he lunged at me

“This should not have worked! You should be dead!” The man yelled.

The dagger was halted mid strike and the man was launched from the knife with so much force his arm was ripped off. The man screamed in agony as he rolled back and forth. His arm was lost in the woods. The dagger remained in midair 3 inches from my chest. When I grabbed the knife, I felt a godly force holding it suddenly let go. The dagger was very big in my small hands. It was dense and heavy. The fabric attached to the hilt was like nothing I’ve ever felt before. I stood up and walked towards a trail opening. I didn’t know what happened back in that circle and I don’t want to know. I want to go home. Suddenly a loud high pitched ringing pierced my ears. I dropped to my knees and grabbed my ears in hopes to muffle the ringing. My arms and body went limp and the world faded to black.

Chapter Two: Home


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