The Purple Ring

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Tasha and Amanda go on an unexpected trip, with an unexpected transport.

Submitted: March 08, 2017

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Submitted: March 08, 2017




"I can't believe you are here." Tasha said as her father ran to the door. "I am so happy to see you." Tasha and her father hugged for a long time as her mother come out the door to join them. "Your back" she said. Tasha and her father haven't seen each other in three years. Her dad has been in the military and only came home for Christmas one year. When he got back he had something behind is back. "What is that?" Tasha asked curiously. "Here why don't you open it and see" her dad said. When she opened the box Her eyes got wide open. The first thing that she saw was a ring. It had big purple emeralds and diamonds around it. She could not believe her eyes, she didn't even look at the rest of the stuff, she just stared at the ring. She told him thank you like a million times. When Tasha ran inside so her parents could have a talk.

"How are you?" her mother asked her father. "Good" her father said in a very suspicious way. "How has Tasha been doing in school?" Her father asked. "Pretty good, she's been getting A's and B's." Her mother answered. 

Tasha was listening through the door to her room. She had forgotten what it sounded like, it had been three years. But she remembers it now, all the yelling and shouting. The fighting all week long. She hadn't heard any arguing yet, and she hopes she never will. She hadn't been to her safe place for a while, but just in case it goes bad she started to clean out her safe place. She had been using it for a storage closet. 

After dinner she went to her room, and watched a movie on her laptop. Then she went to bed and didn't even say anything to her mom or dad. The next morning she went to school and showed all of her friends her ring. They all thought it was beautiful and they talked about it all day. But one thing that she never talked about was the fighting. She had a good day at school. She got an A on her math test, and she got an A- on her spelling test. 

But when she got home she changed her attitude. She was standing outside at the end of the driveway and she heard shouting. Instead of going inside she ran. She just ran, she ran all the way to her friend Amanda's house. Amanda knew what it was like to have parents that fought. That was how her mom and dad were before they separated. And Tasha was worried that her parents were going to separate too. So she ran to Amanda's house and told her that she was going to run away. And Amanda said that she was going to come too. So the girls set off on an adventure with just food, water, clothes, and Tasha's beautiful purple ring. 

As the girls started walking, they started to think of places they wanted to go. Tasha's ring started to glow. "What is happening?" Amanda asked in a frightened way. "I have no idea," said Tasha. Next thing they knew they were on a beach. "This is so cool," Tasha said. "Look at that." There was a guy on a surf board surfing. 

"Hello, are you two lost?" An old lady said from behind them. The girls quickly turned around. "Oh hello," Tasha said to the old woman. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you." Said the old lady.
"That's fine, where exactly are we?" Asked Amanda. "Don't you know, we are in Florida." Stated the old lady, "are you guys ok?" "Yeah we're fine, I was just in a daze for a second." Amanda said.  

Amanda turned to Tasha, "We are in Florida!" "Can you believe it?" Tasha stood there for a second trying to think. "The ring took us here." Tasha said. "Remember how it glowed and we ended up here. It was the ring." "So can the ring take us anywhere?" Amanda asked. "Maybe, lets try." Tasha said. "Think of Disneyland" 

The girls thought really hard about Disneyland and the next thing they new they were in Disneyland. "We did it, we are in California." Said Amanda. "We are at Disneyland." 

While they were at Disneyland they visited all the best places, rode all the best rides, and ate all the best foods. "This is so much fun, I wish we could stay here forever." Said Tasha. "Away from home." "I know it's hard, I've been there," explained Amanda, "but if you look at your parents when they are getting along, they are happy. When my parents were getting along they weren't happy, they just remembered all the troubles they had." "I'm sorry, I didn't realize" said Tasha. "It's fine, you didn't know," replied Amanda. 

The girls went on all the rides they could. They rode all of the roller coasters, Tasha got sick a few times, but they still had lots of fun. They went to watch the Indiana Jones Adventure. "That was my mothers favorite movie" Tasha said after the show was over. Next they went on the Dumbo the flying elephant ride. "That was my dads favorite ride." Explained Tasha. " I got to see all of my favorite princess.

The last ride that they went on was the Peter Pan's flight. Tasha had heard her mother talk about how her mom and dad had met. She said that they had met in the movie theater, while she was watching Peter Pan for the first time. "I want to go home." Tasha stated. Amanda was shocked, but she missed her mom too. "Ok, lets go" Amanda said. So the girls held on tight to each other and tried to thing about home. But nothing happened, they look at each other. "Let's try again." Said Tasha. 
The girls tried even harder than they did last time. And nothing happened. "I'm scared," said Amanda, "what if we can't get back?" "I should have been happy with what I had," explained Tasha. "I want to go home, I want to go home." 
"Tasha, Tasha, wake up," said Amanda. "What happened?" Asked Tasha. "You fell asleep while you were talking about leaving, where do you want to go?" Asked Amanda. "I want to go home." Answered Tasha. "I don't want to run away anymore. 

"Are you ok?" Asked Amanda. "Yeah, I just changed my mind, I would miss them to much." When Tasha got home she talked to her parents. She told them that she heard when they fought and she didn't like it. She said that she wanted them to try to get along. And they agreed, they tried to do everything that they could to get along. 

After that conversation she went to her room. And when she called Amanda to tell her the good news, Amanda was relieved and so was Tasha. Tasha has fallen happily asleep knowing everything is going to be okay.






















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