Ionized Lake - Episode 2 - Everything Changes

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I went into the forest to make my way to a cool bunker I found last summer. It was different today. I found something there.

Authors Note:
These stories are like a journal for Bry. I thought i'd just specify that.

Submitted: March 08, 2017

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Submitted: March 08, 2017



March 2nd, 2000

I woke up today and went downstairs. The coworkers were having the early break. Meaning I slept in. I looked at the time and it was specifically 10:00. This was strange because I always wake up before Kylie so I can get first dibs on the bathroom for showers and that lot. But today she was already out with my aunt and my uncle was running the shop. I asked where my sister was and he said she was with Aunt Anne. I decided to get my jacket and head out to the forest to the secret bunker I found and fixed with Stanley, on the condition that he would be the first to take whatever he wanted from what was left in it. There's a huge door in the back wall of it, but we can't open it. We've tried before but it's made out of some weird glowy material. I stepped to the tree that hid a sliding pannel that had a box with three levers and a button. I never pressed the button. It was red so I didn't touch it, The first little switch opened the entry way to the bunker. The second turned everything lead in the vicinity to ink, and the third doesn't do anything. Ive pressed it. Watch ill flip it. See? Nothing. 

(Somewhere elsewhere, a barn disassembles itself and reassembles everytime he flips the switch)

So today I thought i'd press the button. I did and a compartment beside it opened, and in it was a completely black hardcover book. I took it out and opened it, and read the first page. "The arrival of a boy and a girl, will make our world twirl. The demon of perfection sits in his chair, and your father before has killed his heir. Don't squander your oppertunity, and leave this book to the unity." I reckon I was supposed to read that page yesterday. Today it read, "Find my bunker you have, but next a crystal in halves. Peice it together to find, where your dreams will lie." I read the other pages in glimpses. Each page is a rhyme that seems to be giving me clues. The book seems to keep mentioning a demon of perfection. I don't know what to do. I decided to go looking for the halves. I went into the forest and kept getting a flashing light in my eyes. I followed it and found a broken crystal. I brought it home and went to the beach with my uncle and aunt and sister. There, I kept getting more light flashes.  I followed and found the other half. When I got back home, I connected the crystal and it flashed fast, and then disappeared. I tried to see where it went, I stuck my hand out and my desk started flashing, and then disappeared too. Whatever the crystal did gave me the ability to teleport items. I reached my hand back out, and my desk reappeared. I tried to use the power again but it failed, then the crystal reappeared. The crystal was trying to react to me but it failed. I spent the rest of the day trying to make the crystal disappear again until I figured it out. I absorb the crystal and I get the powers. So I placed the crystal in my pocket and went to sleep.

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