The Way of the Ninja

The Way of the Ninja

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Status: In Progress

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The War Of Dragons was a terrible war. This is what happens afterwards.
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The War Of Dragons was a terrible war. This is what happens afterwards.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Prologue/Chapter 1

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Submitted: March 08, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 08, 2017



The houses are burning, the people are screaming, the invaders are invading. The village of Konda was falling. When they obtained a great treasure, a relic that could banish a dragon lord with a single command, the warriors of the village Hon Tora declared war in order to obtain that relic. The dragon lord of Hon Tora, Kasai, led the attack, destroying anything in its way with fire. Konda, without a dragon lord, fell quickly to the fire.

Konda’s chief didn’t know how to operate the relic, and when he tried to use it, was killed by the power that came from the activated relic. The village fell, enslaved, hopeless, and powerless. Kasai took the relic, now called The Dragon’s Bane, and grew powerful. However, he didn’t know that The Dragon’s Bane would drive him to destroying all of Hon Tora.

With the power that Kasai owned, he lost control of himself, killing everything he could find, but eventually he lost it. When The Dragon’s Bane was used to kill all of the dragon lords in The War of Dragons, it instead sent them all into hibernation. In their hibernation, they have not been seen, for no mortal can walk upon the sacred grounds that make up their resting places.

But, the spirit of The Dragon’s Bane awakened when the relic was used to exile the dragon lords. Every relic has a spirit, and when the relic is used in a large amount, the spirit awakens. The spirit awakened in a cave called Seiiki, where they found the nearby village of Seishin. There, they trained to survive, learn, and to fight. That spirit, was a great warrior to Seishin.


I crouched atop the rooftop, pressing my body onto the tiles. A few guards passed along the street below me, I went silent as they turned onto another street. I walked onto the edge of the roof, and jumped onto the ground, landing with a silent roll. I started running to the temple of Paw?, the village of Sens?’s town hall. When the temple came into view, I slowed down, and climbed onto a nearby house’s roof.

The guards of the temple were telling jokes to each other. I jumped from rooftop to rooftop to get to the other side of the temple. When I did, I jumped onto the temple, went to the door’s side, jumped down while pulling out my katanas, and cut through the two guard’s souls. Silently.

I then walked into the temple, and jumped onto the beams in the ceiling. I walked on them until I reached the gathering room. I then jumped down, opened the door, threw in a bomb, closed the door, and ran away. The fire of the bomb left no survivors.

I was out of the building when the bomb went off, and I was running back towards my village. I then cloaked my appearance to show myself as a regular citizen of the village, alerting the guards of the fire. I then ran out of the village, de cloaked myself, and activated the second bomb that had lied within the first one, killing the guards of the village as well.



When I returned to Seishin, I was greeted by the chief, D?pu, “Well, how did it go?” he asked.

“The leaders are dead, I was not discovered.” I said back.

“Hmm, another job well done by our great warrior, Doragonzu B?n!” D?pu said to the villagers who had surrounded us when I got back.

They all cheered for me, and I waved to the crowd. They yelled in response to my waving. “Oh, and while you were gone, another warrior showed up, wanting to see if he could work or something…” D?pu said to me.

I wondered what he wanted to do here, whether he wanted to fight or whether he wanted to farm or something. Then somebody poked me on the shoulder. “Hello! Do you live here?” a voice behind me boomed.

I turned around, and saw a strange sight, a four handed, very tall, humanoid with a giant golden eye in his forehead as well as two regular eyes. “GAH! WHAT THE FUDGE?” I yelled.

“Hello warrior! Are you okay?” he boomed.

“Yes… I think... Who are you?” I asked.

“I am Kami No Me,” Kami No Me boomed.

“Hi! I’m Doragonzu B?n!” I said, holding a hand out to shake.

Kami No Me held out his lower right hand and grasped mine, crushing it in his powerful grip. “Hello Doragonzu B?n,” he boomed.

“Please, let go of my hand!” I said, my face completely red.

“Oops...,” he boomed as he let go of my hand.

“Also, could you please talk a little quieter?” I asked, rubbing my hand.

“Oops…  Is this better?” Kami No Me said in a normal voice.

“Yeah, thanks!” I said, “So, are you a warrior, farmer, or something else?”

“I am planning on making an alehouse around here.” he said.

“Hmm, maybe I’ll go there later!” I said in excitement.

“Yeah!” he yelled. “Hmm, question, have you killed anybody with fire bombs recently?”

“Umm, how did you know?” I asked in surprise.

“I can see inside your mind.” he answered.

“Umm, why and how?” I asked.

“ My eye, and because,” he answered

“Umm, ok?” I responded, confused as to why that eye could do that.

“See you later I'm gonna go make my ale house.” he said as he disappeared.

“Umm, ok?!?!” I said. Was he a warrior? A ninja like me? How did he disappear?

I shrugged it off and went home to eat. I had a giant potato. It tasted good. Then I went outside to see a giant alehouse next to me. Well, that was fast… I stepped in, and it was very busy. Veeeery busy…

“Two martinis, mix vodka and orange juice, five rice wines, and two barrels of wine,” Kami No Me said to himself as he was running around delivering drinks to people.

“Wow…” I muttered.

“Oh, hey you came! What would you like? The menus are on the table.” Kami No Me said as he ran around delivering more drinks.

“Oooooooooooook?” I said as I sat down at a table. I wrote down sake on the little slip of paper, and Kami No Me came around and took it. He came around three minutes later and gave me the drink.

“There you are!” he said as he left.

I drank my drink and left.

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