Impetuous Strangers

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

As told in this 600+ word ditty: Our hope to be different from others quite often leads to sameness. And sometimes that sameness causes nothing but trouble.

Long, long, ago, in a place called Yii Garden, a Dit was born. How this happened no-one knows, because there was only Dit and no-one else.

As soon as it was born it slipped into a nearby pond and stayed there for ages and ages. That might be the end of this story if not for one problem that the Dit discovered; when Dits are exposed to water they multiply. One becomes two, two becomes four, well, you get the picture. This doesn't happen very fast, mind you, but fast enough that they could easily fill a pond in a few thousand years. And that is exactly what happened. It got so crowded in that pond that there was little room to move around.


Well, it just so happened that a stranger came along, he sat near the pond and stretched out on the soft, cool, moss that was growing on a bolder. And after a while he moved to the pond to get a drink of water, but Dits filled the pond and he could not get a drink.

"What have we here," asked the Stranger? I wish to have water from this pond and you creatures have filled it up with yourselves. What is the reason?"

"We call ourselves Dits and we are stuck in this pond. We keep multiplying because we are in water, now the pond is full of the likes of us and we have no place to go."

"This will never do," replied the Stranger. Then he waved his hand over the Dits and they all turned into little frogs; happily hopping out of the pond.

"There," said the Stranger, "you can go wherever you can hop and you will not fill the pond anymore."


Suddenly there was a great commotion from the trees and when the Stranger looked up he saw that the trees were full of birds.

"What trickery is this," questioned one of the older and larger birds.

Then he stated, "All that was in balance is now out of balance. All these extra frogs will eat our much needed food and I am afraid that some of us, be it bird or frog, will die of starvation."

The Stranger thought for a moment and replied, "You are very right, my action was not well thought out and I will correct that immediately."

The stranger waved his hand again and said to all the newly formed frogs, "Each of you may choose to be whatever creature that you see. Be it great or small, be it fish, bird, or animal, no matter. All you must do is just wish it and you will become it. But mind you, choose carefully because you may only do this once. Once you have changed you may never change to anything else; that is what you will be until the day you die. Now go out into the world and choose wisely."

Suddenly there was a great rumbling from the earth and within a flash, there were Strangers everywhere.

In time the new Strangers left the garden and went to many places, all around the earth. And as they went to all these places they waved their hands, just like the first Stranger did. Each said things and did things that eventually messed up the balance of everything on the planet.

"Why?" You ask. Because they were exactly like the first Stranger, impetuous.



D. Thurmond/JEF --- 03-07-2017

Submitted: March 08, 2017

© Copyright 2021 D. Thurmond aka JEF. All rights reserved.

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