Oddessey Express Episode Three

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And the story continues....

Submitted: March 08, 2017

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Submitted: March 08, 2017





Ulises Harlequin Emrys stepped from the train onto the floating platform of the Stratos Montreal station…2000 feet above the old city below that blinked and glimmered with thousands of neon signs challenging the glare and glaze of the Stratos city. He wanted to explore this marvel of the future but there was treachery at hand….evil and deadly…”I must warn the Constabulary of this impending horror……But where will it strike? Somewhere in the dreariest shadows and the lowest order of society I should think….but where might that be?”

The whispered words barely faded from his lips when of a sudden he felt a crashing blow to his shoulder that knocked him sideways. Then he felt the pain and saw the knife protruding from his arm and blood soaking his coat sleeve… But even in his alarm and pain his natural senses. instructed him to look and see….who…could have done this…..and what he saw was a gray shadow slipping out of sight into the terminal.

Wounded though he was Ulises pulled the blade from his arm and gave chase…all the way across the terminate to a docking bay with a sign that read….The Oddessey Express…destination….Mars.

The shadow leapt on to the train and vanished….”Mars. I must follow…but….

In the lavatory Ulises removed his jacket and shirt then plugged the hole in his arm with tissue paper….tore the sleeve from his shirt and used it as a tourniquet.

A moment later he touched the shirt and jacket with his walking stick and they were instantly renewed….He dressed and made his way to the ticket counter.

“One way to Mars if you would my good fellow.”

And if this story seems to have many beginnings you might be aware now that this is the true beginning…where the deepest of evils and darkness wields its horrors….unless Ulises Harlequin Emrys can intervene.

There was nothing to do but wait. The evil would not strike….not yet….not so openly and obviously with Ulises on his trail….but it would strike…using the body and face of an unsuspecting passenger….a passenger with telltale eyes that the evil could not disguise.

As was his habit Ulises settled into his birth then found his way to the lounge….to watch….wait and search the eyes of every passenger…man or woman…..

In an hour the train lurched and began its ascent. It was not long before they were escaping the pull of the earth’s gravity leaving passengers with only a slight pressure on their ears and some a pressure on their stomachs. Ulises bare noticed…his body accustom to a bevy of changes….an innate knowing to breath and swallow appropriately. He felt the artificial gravity engage…which is much different than earth’s natural gravity…and it is slightly less intense and grows even less as when the train begins its approach on Mars….so that by the time they reach the red planet their bodies will have adjusted.

But the voyage was just beginning and there would be a brief stop at the Lunar Express Station…More passengers…more potential victims…..The train whistle simulator sounded as the train increased its velocity. “Moon Station…ten hours.” an automated voice announced.


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