The Beast

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The sad state of the political world

Submitted: March 08, 2017

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Submitted: March 08, 2017



This is a collaboration between Hullabaloo22 and myself:


It worked in the shadows, patiently waiting till the time was right.

At last it judged it was time to bring itself back into the light.


Mankind was in a crisis of what to believe and which way to go.

It had been 78 years since it had felt the level of chaos allowed it to show


itself without danger of discovery and banishment once more,

and this time, it felt it could really cause division, which it had been bred for.


It thrived and grew, until the chasm was sufficiently wide,

the fear and unreasoning anger tore at the fabric from the inside.


It preferred to let its job be done by mankind without breaking a sweat,

and if they thought thing were bad, well, "they ain't seen nothing yet."


People are so easily led once their attention, it’s been caught,

a sort of mass hysteria does away with logical thought.


Where before there was some tolerance, that is now no more;

with nation against nation just how long before a war


of some demonic magnitude will be within that devils grasp

for any fellow feeling has been crushed within his clasp.


The fires, they are burning now, stirred up from the embers,

a conflagration waiting unless the population remembers


just what they are risking – the destruction of the world

where straight into oblivion we shall all be hurled.




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