EVP DANGER : Tricksters & Oppression

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Submitted: March 08, 2017

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Submitted: March 08, 2017



March 4, 2017

  It’s one of those rough nights tonight where it feels like there’s a room full of people surrounding me, only I can’t see them, I can only hear their voices. My oppressors (these malevolent entities that harass me with voices) have also been causing the familiar ringing in my ears again tonight. This situation pisses me off in so many ways but what really is aggravating me tonight is that these entities are basically intruders in my home. This is my home, I work to pay the bills and live here but they essentially just come in and crash the place, bombarding me with voices. This is just me venting a little frustration here, but the truth is that I let them in the door so to speak when I was experimenting with EVP. Their presence is aggravating yes, but I do have to face the fact that it was my own actions that brought this situation upon me.

  I was living somewhere else at the time when I was experimenting with EVP back in 2015, but when I moved, these malevolent entities followed me to my new home. In fact, they follow me everywhere that I go…literally everywhere. The term spirit attachment is often applied to situations like this and I’d say it’s as good a description as any because these harassing entities literally attach themselves to your life. They follow you wherever you go and they are always there. This is a serious risk when investigating the paranormal. Sometimes the situation can go very badly and you could find yourself in a situation where you are now forced to deal with things that you never saw coming.

  One of the most unsettling things to deal with as far as these attachment situations go, is the constant presence of these harassing entities. They are pretty much always there.  One can with learn with some effort to block out and ignore their presence to quite a significant degree I know, but still this is what it can boil down to sometimes. The old expression “opening the door to the unknown” is certainly correct here. It’s essentially opening a door for them to enter your life. Only when you’re actually doing the opening the door part of all of this, odds are that you’re not going to realize who it is exactly that you are opening the door for.

  These malevolent entities were quite masterful at deceiving me back when I first started experimenting with EVP back in 2015. Back then, when I first heard their voices on my recordings, they seemed nothing like they do now. Back then when I first started hearing them on my EVP recordings, their voices sounded anything from benign to outwardly benevolent towards me. Being new to all of this as I was at the time, seeing that my experience so far up to that point was for the most part benevolent in nature and seemingly harmless, I admit that I foolishly had a false sense of security and I let my guard down. I couldn’t even have imagined back then when I first started experimenting with EVP, that within just a month’s time, these seemingly benevolent voices would switch it up and become extremely hostile in nature and worse, that within the span of a few more months, that I would be hearing these same malevolent voices outside of the recordings with just my ears.

March 5, 2017


  I awoke this morning hearing the voices a little. It wasn’t too bad, but they were present. Recently, the voices have been worse at night. I think that these malevolent entities deliberately focus their attacks for when I’m trying to sleep. Also, by the end of the day I’ve usually just become more annoyed by “them” and the entire situation. In the morning when I’m feeling more rested, their presence typically doesn’t bother me as much. But, all day long they try and bombard me with voices and sometimes by the time that the end of the day rolls around, I’m a bit more agitated.

  In some ways, it’s almost like being under siege I suppose. These malevolent entities keep up a constant barrage of harassment in an effort to wear you down and to break your will. As of right now, I still take a sleep-aid practically every night to help me to get to sleep more quickly. If I didn’t take a sleep-aid, then I have little doubt that these malevolent entities would be successful in keeping me awake, sometimes for an entire night. This has happened to me many times before. I have no doubt, that this is one of their primary goals, to wear you down. And, if you are not getting enough rest and you are in a condition where you are frequently feeling burnt out from lack of sleep, then the abuse and harassment from these entities can seem that much worse.

  It is extremely important to not allow these entities to seriously off-set your sleep routine. In the beginning stages of this kind of spiritual attack, this is often unavoidable unfortunately, because at that point, the intensity of the attack is often simply too strong and the person probably has not had the time yet to develop any kind of immunity against these kinds of assaults. But, from my own experience and from other cases that I have seen of this situation, it is clear that targeting a person’s sleep routine is something that these malevolent entities seek to do from the start of their oppression in many cases. They are essentially aiming for sleep deprivation because they know that if they can get a person into a state of physical and mental exhaustion, then their harassment will have that much more of an impact. 

March 5, 2017


  We’ve been lucky around here with the weather recently. For the past two weeks, I’d say there were many days where it felt like Spring was already here. For a little while there during the last couple of weeks, I didn’t even have to run the heating in my condo very much. Which for a time was a bit of a reprieve for as I’ve mentioned before, I often hear these voices jumping out over sources of steady background noise such as this. Well, today winter came back into town. It’s quite cold outside so I’ve had to run my heating all day. As I’m sitting here writing this, there are voices coming through the noise. It’s the same familiar voices. The same damn voices that I hear every day. Some of the voices I’ve heard for the past two years now. At least one of the voices, I was even hearing on my EVP recordings back in 2015, which is how this whole situation was brought about for me.

  For most of this evening, I’ve tried to just relax and read a book. I often have to consciously make an effort to tune the voices out. It’s hard to describe, but it’s like jamming the incoming voices with the will power of the mind I suppose. I can often block out the content of what they are saying, which is never anything that I would want to hear anyway. But, I still often hear this fragmented clutter (for lack of better words to describe it). Sometimes it’s just as if their presence creates a sound that I’m able to hear. Every once and awhile if I break my focus, then a few words or short phrases might slip through. In a very real way, this is a battle of the mind, a fight for what my mind focuses on. I want to control what my mind focuses on while they want to steal that focus so that I am left concentrating on them and the negative things that they are saying.

  This is indeed a struggle and it is something that one has to work on. There are no instant results most of the time. There may still be occasional bad days where these voices just seem to get the upper hand. But, there is also success to be had as well. They want to force us to listen to their voices, but we don’t have to listen and we certainly don’t have to believe a damn thing that they say.

March 7, 2017

  It’s weird, I can wake up in the morning and for a few brief moments, I often do not hear any voices at all. Sometimes during this brief and blissful silence, I completely forget about this situation and for a moment, I feel like my old self again before any of this happened. But then, usually within just a few short moments, I start hearing the voices again and reality sets back in. But it’s strange, often the morning is a bit more peaceful for me. Even if I hear the voices, much of the time they’re simply not as noticeable in the morning. Then, I often reflect back on the previous night and I’ll remember what a struggle it was to get to sleep because of these harassing entities and the disturbances that they create with the voices and the physical sensations.

 I’ll remember how aggravated I was, how late I was kept awake, and how many doses of sleep-aid I took before I finally passed out. Sometimes, if it was a particularly rough night, I’ll still feel the effects of the sleep-aid in the morning. Most often, it feels like I have a mild hangover. I’ll feel very slowed down and in a haze. I remember one morning just a few weeks ago, when it felt like my legs were very heavy and it was a hassle just to walk around.

  This doesn’t happen most of the time, but every now and again I’ll have a bad night. But, on an average morning, there is a night and day difference in how I feel. When I went to bed the night before, I was basically in a battle for sleep, under attack by these voices. In the morning, it’s much calmer and I often have to try and remember what all the fuss was about the night before.

  As this situation progresses for me, I’d say that I’m slowly but successfully taking back the day. I’m gaining more control of my life back and the presence of these harassing entities becomes less and less of a disturbance to me throughout the day. But, at night the battle continues. These harassing entities seem to be saving most of their efforts to attack me at night recently. It is a battle that I continue to fight, but I know that I can gain ground here as well. I will not give up. I oppose these malevolent entities to the fullest and I will not allow them to take me back to a situation like the dark days of the very beginning of this ordeal. Back then, they could manipulate me and they had power over me. Now, with each passing day their power is fading. My life is certainly not the same now as before all of this started, but I am now in much more control of living my life how I want to live it.

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