Out From My Window

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Sometimes you just can't get away from it.

Submitted: March 08, 2017

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Submitted: March 08, 2017



Out from my window,

Across from the campus,

I have what’s considered “location.”

Right next to the fields,

Not far from my friends,

This year should have been a vacation.

I was ready for the parties,

The girls and the beers,

To make my last year one to cheers to.

But the wake ups are late

And the beers never cold

And for that I think I’ll blame you.

You see, last year was great

And the days lasted forever,

It felt like time didn’t apply.

The days were pure blue

And the nights felt like orange,

The best of times hardly felt shy.

But today was more purple

And the night was more black,

Now I’m sitting here writing this poem.

So I hope your time now

Feels longer than mine

Because tomorrow already feels gone.

We ran and we walked,

We drank and we laughed,

You taught me America’s overpriced.

And today I still run,

I still walk, I still drink,

But the laughing is thinner than ice.

The running’s not fun,

The walking’s alone,

And the drinking is heavier than ever.

Between the drunk texts, and phone calls,

The drives, and the dreams,

I’m not sure it’ll ever be over.

Now you may have yours

And I may have mine,

But trust me, that’s not stopping me.

Because just to my right,

Still out from my window,

I’m neighbors with what used to be.

© Copyright 2018 Lalemant. All rights reserved.

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