Sign Side

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In the world of Papala are signs. These signs are covered by a invisible magical wall covering them from being seen. This them are pedestrians that are brought to life through magic, but humans can't see them. Only the image that is in front of them.

Submitted: March 09, 2017

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Submitted: March 09, 2017



Sign Side


Chapter 1 Magic Realm

In earth are these signs. These aren't ordinary signs. These were street signs. People may see these as two dimensional figures on a sign, but there is invisible magic wall covering the truth.

“I wish I can talk to these these extremely detailed creatures,” a black colored flat pedestrian said.

Every movement is stop motion. Their motion is quick but is frozen for point five of a second.

Male pedestrian said, “People notice me!”

He hit the magic wall several times, but these creatures kept on moving. The wall made a blue rippling movement every time it was hit.

“Papala needs to be known to the other side,” male pedestrian said.

“Hey Ped,” a woman yells.

“Why did you call me Ped? Well, I actually like it,” Ped was very proud.

“I see you are trying to escape,” Fem said.

“Well, Fem. I want people to know that we exist,” Ped hits the magic wall again.

“It is no use. Only a person of magic would know how to break the barrier,” Fem was wise there.

“Yeah, might as well learn it,” Ped was holding his breath and tightening his muscles.

He put his hand onto his head. Ped yelled.

“Ped, yelling won’t work on this yellow sign,” Fem pats Ped.

Fem pulls Ped along. They hopped into another sign and got hit by a truck.


“Ouch! Be more careful,” Fem yells.

A person got out of their two dimensional black truck and apologized.

“Hi! I am Tuck. I am the drunk driver of this sign,” Tuck was felt better.

“Fem, you brought us to the wrong sign,” Ped was negative.

“Oh, she did not bring you to the wrong sign,” Tuck was particular about that.

“Tuck, I came here because this guy has no friends,” Fem pats Ped’s shoulder.

“It’s not that I have no friends! It’s....It’s.... It’s because I want to meet the creatures on the other realm,” Ped hits the magic wall.

“Oh, you don’t want to go out there,” Tuck said. “They want to kill you! Rip you into tiny bits!”

Fem screams. When Fem screamed, she had 3 thick short lines above her head. It is a symbol of shock.


Tuck tells Ped and Fem to come along. They were in another sign.

“This sign is speed limit sign. Why,” Fem was really confused.

“I like numbers Fem. I feel like it has meaning,” Tuck said.

“Their numbers, Tuck,” Fem fell to bottom part of the sign.

Fem moves next to Ped.

“I will try to exit this world,” Ped says.

“Ped seriously! That’s all you care about,” Fem yells.

Ped jumped in fear.

“Fem, I wonder if we could change colors,” Ped looks at Fem with content.

“I do see other people being different colors, but we are mostly black,” Fem wished to be a different color now.


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