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Story of a lonely pup and how he finds love and shelter.

Submitted: March 09, 2017

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Submitted: March 09, 2017



The departmental store was full of people since it was a Sunday and a holiday.  The store nestled inside an enclosed area, with a park on one side and a coffee shop nearby.

A small pup waited patiently near the gate, wagging his tiny tail at every passerby in the hope that someone would notice him and show some love.  Even though children sometimes threw a biscuit or two at him no one really bothered to bend down and pat his head.

The pup was all alone in the world he had never seen his father and his mother died a few months ago, crushed under the wheels of a car.

It was getting quite dark when a car stopped near him.  A mother and daughter got out of the car and went to the departmental store.  It was while returning with the groceries that a soft drink she was having slipped from the little girl’s hand and the contents spilled on the pup’s head.

‘’ Oh dear!” the little girl exclaimed. “I am so sorry.” The girl called Lily sat near the pup and stroked his head.

The poor dear was shivering it was winter in spite of it the pup wagged his tail happily, someone had shown him sympathy.  “ Ma can I take him home and give him a hot bath and something to eat, after all he is in a mess because of me.” Lily said.

Her mother shook her head, “Your father wouldn’t listen”.

The continued pleadings of her daughter made her change her mind.

Lily bathed the pup and gave him cookies to eat and decided to call him Brownie since he was brown in color. At night she wrapped him in a warm blanket.

Next morning Lily’s father who had been out of town on work returned home.  He said a stern no when Lily begged him to let her keep the dog.

Lily had no alternative but to take Brownie out of her home.  Just opposite to their house was a half constructed building, for months work had stopped on this site due to it being disputed property.  Lily decided to make a bed for Brownie here.  As soon as Lily was about to enter her own house she saw the pup standing next to her. ‘He is so lonely’, Lily thought sadly to herself, but since her father would never agree to keep Brownie Lily  took the pup back to the under construction house and put him on a mat again and covered him with a blanket.  This time he did not follow Lily home somehow he seemed to understand the situation.

Next morning Brownie was standing in front of her gate.  Lily gave him bread and milk. ‘Must get him  some dog biscuits.’ Lily thought.

The practice continued every day Lily would give Brownie his meal and in the evening he would follow Lily to the park, and play with her friends at night he would go and sleep in the half finished house..

Days merged into months and gradually Brownie became a dog.  Lily had to go and live with her aunt who was alone and ailing at the other end of the town. She went to school from her aunt’s house every day.  The parting with Brownie was painful. “You cannot come with me my aunt is unwell she lives in a flat and there is no space for a pet.” she said. Brownie stood quietly and watched his mistress leave..  Lily did ask her mother to give her pet his meals at the right time. 

The dispute having been solved work started again on the under construction house, the workers would not allow a dog to sleep with them in the house they even shooed him away from the pavement  in front of the house There were flower beds in front of Lily’s house so he couldn’t sleep there either.. One day the masons caught Brownie and tied crackers on his tail the noise of crackers bursting scared Brownie he knew he would have to leave the locality. The  evening Lily returned home her aunt having recovered  Brownie decided to shift to the area near the bus stop, where Lily got down from her school bus every day with her two friends and walked home .Lily searched for her pet but could not find him.

It was a Monday afternoon Brownie decided to surprise his mistress. Lily got down alone from the school bus two stops away from her actual stop and went to the ATM to withdraw some money since her mother had asked her to do so. She did that and was walking back home and had nearly reached the spot where Brownie was waiting for her, the road in the small town was deserted on a hot May afternoon, when suddenly a motorcycle stopped in front of her, before Lily realized what was happening the man was holding a knife against her throat, “The money” the man said. Lily trembled the man must have been following her from  the ATM counter Lily knew she would have to part with her father’s hard earned money when suddenly something jumped on the man and bit his leg hard, it was Brownie waiting for Lily for a long time.  The man fell on the ground.  A postman passing by who had a mobile called the police and before long the man was behind bars.

Lily took Brownie home this time her father gave in to her wish after all the dog had saved his daughter. A kennel was built in the backyard of the house and Brownie got a home at long last.

Lily’s father agreed eventually that dogs were the most loyal creatures and man’s best friend.



© Copyright 2018 Sharmila Roy Ghosal. All rights reserved.

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