Lala Land Upside Down

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When someone says Lala land, you get the idea of fun and happiness and probably no pressure. What if it comes to struggling with finishing your last year of high school? Would you call it Lala Land Upside Down?

Submitted: March 09, 2017

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Submitted: March 09, 2017



Lala Land sounds fun.

No pressure or burning sun.

Smiling and always lost.

And happiness is free of cost.


Lala Land upside down.

10th-grade unlucky crown.

You are lost in a different way.

Not enough time to study, hence play.


Our mind is not ready for depression.

It is still open for listening and discussion.

Yet when no one allows you to speak,

Smashes information to your brain and make you leak,

You will end up looking like a freak.

With lots of information yet nothing to seek.


Yes, one day that brain will not hold.

Any information that had been told.

Then a new page will be lost and fold.

Never touched and gets a cold.


1oth grade's unlucky crown,

had turned Lala Land upside down.



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