The letters she never received - Part 5

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Miles away

Submitted: March 09, 2017

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Submitted: March 09, 2017



Dear Clarinton,

Last year, you cleaned up our room of all the loving memories we had shared, packed your bags, and left a note on the kitchen table. Situations in our relationship had escalated into unhealthy dynamic misfortunes. The note stated you needed some soul-searching and left the country.

Every day for the last five months I had wondered. Where had you gone? Foolishly, I thought our utopia would last forever. I sit here writing this letter, asking myself the same question again and again.

Where are you? how far have you travelled? is it a thousands of miles away? is it a place you now call home? How is this place? Do you have a room with a view? Can you see the blue skies and the grass, how green is it? What colour are the pavements? Are they white like snow or gray like our bathroom floor?

How tall are the buildings? How big is the city or have you moved to a city so small in size but yet so huge in terms of achievements? Are you in a place where it's safe to take a walk in the streets and the traffic, is it chaotic? How is the air you breath? is it decent and unseasoned like me?  The water you drink, how does it taste?

Do you ever go hungry, nor lacks a helping hand? How are the city lights? Are they brighter than the sun itself? How are the fountains, are they breath-taking?

Oh, my dearest Clarinton, are you in good health? Have you found total happiness? Have you met someone else? Is he a better man then I? Have you forgotten me? 

Am i mad for asking you this and that? why hurt someone whose only intention was to love you?

Yours truly 

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