Ionized Lake - Episode 3 - First Encounter

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The first encounter of the Demon of Perfection is bestowed upon not Bry, but his sister, and the Demon gave Kylie information, but she could not bare to tell Bry.

Submitted: March 09, 2017

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Submitted: March 09, 2017



I woke up today to look for Kylie but I couldn't find her. I also was missing my book. I assume she has it. I'll ask her for it when she comes back. She didn't take the crystal though, so I assume she only saw the book. I went downstairs and followed my Uncle down to the basement laboratory and asked him why no one except me and him knew about this, and he said they wouldn't trust him if we did.  

March, 4th, 2000

I took Bry's journal and im writting this down. I'll rip it out later. I took Bry's book and went outside to read it. I turned to the page he had written on and the words started glowing. I blacked out and when I woke up I wasn't in the forest. I was in a weird area. The sky and everything was white. I looked forward and I saw a person in a suit and green hair sitting in a throne. He had a deep voice and he asked me my name. I said my name and he asked me If I was the one who found the book. I told him no and he asked who did. I told him my brother did and he said that if I didn't burn the book, he would hunt Bry down. I didn't want that so I came back home and now i'm writing this. Im going to rip this out and burn the book. 

(now from journal context to real life context)

Bry walked down the stairs and saw Kylie at the fire holding the book over a lighter. Bry yelled and started arguing with kylie, which got the family's attention. Bry thought fast and grabbed the lighter, throwing it out the window and Kylie lunged at him, which evaluated into an all out fist fight. Just then, everything turned white and Bry and Kylie were interuppted by the man with green hair. The man took the book and looked at it, then gave it to Bry. "Kid, you're helping me along with this book.  If you find everything up until the last page and do what it says, my plan will be complete. I can't have your sister ruining it. I expected her to put it back, but she didn't. I'm going to reset this day, and I want you to wake up really early so she doesn't grab it. She's getting too curious. If she keeps ruining it i'll have to end her. So do it right this time." The man reset the day to the beggining and Bry woke up earlier, grabbing his book and leaving the room. 

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