To be or not to be

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Sixteen year old Elena Evans has just moved to Africa.A new home, new school, new friends and a new start. However the question is, why the change? Because something happened back in Alaska. Something the residents of their little town could not ignore anymore.Elena was born with abilities far beyond the frontiers of scientific understanding. In her new homestead she must try to fit into her surroundings and at the same time try to hide her true self from the world or risk rejection.
In this story of fantasy and reality we follow along as Elena embraces the everyday struggle of a young teenage girl, but slightly worse given her condition. Will she fit into East Bridge High? Will she keep her secret hidden forever? Find out for yourself...

Submitted: March 09, 2017

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Submitted: March 09, 2017





76% Of today’s population, do not believe in superstition. They do not believe in myths, legends nor supernatural abilities. In their eyes there is only one truth, namely, science and facts.  If you are one of those people then you will agree with me on this fact: The brain is infinite and beyond human understanding. We have theories and hypothesis about what our brains are capable of. For example, we believe that if we use more than 20% of our cerebral capacity, that we will have the ability to control our own body’s, the body’s of others and ,most importantly, our cell metabolism and reproduction. So here’s my argument. If we have not yet explored into the furthest reaches of or brains, that is to say 100% cerebral capacity, how can we say what is possible for human-kind and what is not? Seems a bit arrogant for you, who uses a mere 10% of you brain, to say that beings like vampires, werewolves or dragons do not exist, doesn’t it?



We don’t have any pets. No dogs and most importantly no cats…My parents decided that it would be best for us to move to another country after the incident in Alaska…

Alaska ,my home. My beautiful white, frosted home. The cold had always been a source of comfort to me. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t fancy shivering with chattering teeth in sub-zero temperatures. No, plainly the fact that I had a toasty home to shield me from that cold. Nothing better than to snuggle down into a nest of blankets, Starbucks in hand and read in front of the hearth.
Now I’m stuck in one of the hottest countries of continental Africa. Mother said that the more remote the place, the better. No one would surmise our new homestead location. They would expect us to move to a place similar to my previous homestead, like Canada.
I guess you’re wondering why I left. Well as I said, there happened a little whoopsie back in Alaska that even our already ‘understanding’ neighbours could not ignore.
It was midwinter. November had arrived, bringing with it icy draughts that bit at exposed hands and faces. It was a Saturday and I was out walking through our village, when suddenly I saw something stirring in the edge of the forest. Naturally I went to investigate. Upon arrival I caught the scent, heard the barely audible whispering. I smiled and took a step nearer.
‘Come on out. I don’ have  gun or a knife. I am not a hunter.’ I thought with all my might, staring at the dense trees swaying ominously in a non-existent breeze.
 It took a minute or so, but then out off the thicket emerged a snow-leopard. It lifted it’s head, nose twitching, looking cautious. When I did nothing it seemed accept that I was not dangerous.
’You understand what I say?’ The leopard thought.
‘Yes.’ I replied.
‘But… how?’
‘I don’t know. I always just could. I guess it’s a gift.’
The leopard pulled it’s ears back and curled it’s lip back , exposing his gums.
‘You are female.’ thought the leopard.
‘Where is your mate?’
‘I do not have a mate.’

The leopard swayed slightly and scrutinized me.
‘Why not?
‘My kind think I am strange, abnormal. People are always afraid of different.’
‘Yes, you are different.’
Thought the leopard.
‘Why are you so close to human territory. Is the prey scarce this time of year?’ I asked.
The leopard did not answer. A gust of wind riffled my hair. Three  things seemed to happen simultaneously. Our telepathic connection was abruptly cut of. The leopard coiled up like a spring and with a loud roar it pounced…

It was only a day later in hospital when I awoke. I learned that I was attacked by a savage animal and that Tobey Granger, a middle-aged stout man, saved my life. I lost a lot of blood and suffered several infections. Tobey said I fought back, but I had no recollection of that. Must’ve been the blow to the head .Apparently I hit a rock . I  was lucky to escape with only a few scars, a broken wrist and fractured skull. This was not the first time my gift had landed me in such awkward situations. I had been known to stand in the middle of the road simply staring at the Gibson’s cat sitting on the roof for hours. Once I had been caught asking a zoo-lioness if I could touch her K-9’s. Overall I was known as the girl with an unhealthy obsession with cats or as the school boys would call me, Basty. The ancient Greeks saw Bast as a version of their lunar goddess Artemis. In one legend Artemis turned herself into a cat in order to escape Typhon ,the God of wind. Yeah, totally irrelevant to the topic. But anyway. Had it not been for our history teacher who is terribly obsessed with Greek mythology, my scholars would have simply know me as an outcast. Not to be mingled with.
Basty or outcast we had to move. Before suspicion changed into investigation…

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