Don't Ask Don't Tell

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Shield Recruit Survival Tip #313- Yes Johnny Storm and Steve Rogers look eerily similar. No you are not allowed to ask why.

Submitted: March 09, 2017

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Submitted: March 09, 2017



Agent Lance Nolan was in the Hellicarieer hanger when the two of them showed up together, he had always seen them seperatly but now finally getting see the two up close made all the rumors he heard seem true. Lance must have been glancing at them for a while, becuase he did not even notice the woman who came up beside him. "See something that's got your attention Lance". Lance jumped at the sound of the voice, he turned around and saw Agent Audery Shaffer with a small grin on her face. "I got you by suprise Lance, that usually doesn't happen maybe you need Agent May to help you with that".

Lance rolled his eyes a bit, he didn't need help with anything espically from Agent May Lance preferred to sit on a chair without having to grimance in pain from what May would do. "I'm fine Audery I just got caught up from seeing those two together", Lance said nodding his head towards Steve Rogers and Johnny Storm. Audery looked at the superhuman duo in question, and gave a knowing nod to Lance who was once staring at Steve and Johnny. "So" asked Audery waiting for Lance to gather his thoughts "Is this you're first time seeing them together?" Without looking at Lance nodded his head yes. "It's unreal how much they look like each other, but at the same time they have diffrent personalites".

Audrey nodded her head in agreement "You know what's more unreal is that we aren't allowed to ask Coulson or Fury why they look alike". For the first time Lance really looked at Audery "So it's another big secret that Fury has right, along with Coulson keeping the secret to himself also". Audrey gave his statment a nod of aknowldegement "It's something like that, but people have had guesses, and tried telling Fury but it's nothing but a waste of time to him".

Curious Lance asked "So what are the theories with Steve and Johnny?" Audery gave a small chuckle remembering a few of the outrages theories, which were starting to become conspiraces. "I've heard a few of them, there's one where apparently some Shield scientist somehow got Steve's D.N.A and cloned him, but that has been debunked by Susan Storm but there is one that does make some sense". Curious for more information Lance urged Audrey to continue, although they might get in trouble for talking on the job but it's been a quite week even for Shield standards.

"This one is a bit out there, but I mean come on look at where we work". Lance looked at Audery and saw that she was sort of jumpy and a bit nervous "Is this theory going to be true about those two?" Asked Lance who nodded his head to the two men in question, who were talking to some very excited rookie agents. "Well anyone who has thought of this theory has to keep it to themselves, because if they tell anyone well it's off to Manitoba with a pink slip".

Lance looked taken back a bit "Are you serious is that important?" Audery gave a small nod, how was she going to tell Lance she knew without freaking him out. "So what's the theory that has everyone worked up?' Asked Lance almost impactiently, he really wanted to know also Lance knew how to keep a secret.

"Well the big theory is that Johnny is from an alternate Earth". Said Audery who seemed a bit to relaxed to be saying any of this. For Lance it took a while to digest what he had heard, to what his brain acturally wanted to think. "Are you serious, that's what people actually think the reason they are alike?" Lance asked, although it was with a bit of enthusiasm more then Audery would admit.

Lance took a few minutes to get his thoughts toghether, because while working for an agency like Shield there were things that did shock him even though he tried hard not to show it. Putting a hand on his shoulder Audery tried to comfort him, she knew this was alot to take in and she hoped this wouldn't affect Lance's work. "Well that is a great theory". Lance said at the same time taking a deep breath to calm himself down, because really this was a bit much to take in. Audery gave him a comforting smile glad to see that Lance was taking the information with understanding.

"So" Lance asked clearing his throat. "Does Johnny know that he's from an alternate Earth?" Lance glanced at Audery who was busy looking at Johnny, and the man in question was laughing at something an agent said. Audery gave it a moment before she could continute, while looking at Johnny who was still laughing to the point of actually crying.

"Actually from what I've heard from other people Johnny dosen't know or even care, which seems be like him". Lance glance back at Johnny and gave a small smile, it really didn't matter they guy no matter how annoyingly happy he was always seemed to brighten they day. "So are you good?" Asked Audery who looked like she was getting ready to leave the hanger, and from looking at his watch Lance could tell that she was going to get lunch. Getting up to join her all Lance did was give her a smile and walk with Audery to the cafeteria, but not before waving goodbye to Johnny.

Lance didn't care that Johnny was from a diffrent Earth a hero was a hero no matter where they came from.




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