Doctor or Lawyer

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For anyone who's had the unrealistic dreams of parents put on their shoulders …

Submitted: March 09, 2017

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Submitted: March 09, 2017



Inspired by the parable in the film “Conspiracy”:


He told me a story about a man he had known all his life, a boyhood friend.  This man hated his father.  Loved his mother fiercely.  His mother was devoted to him, but his father used to beat him, demeaned him, disenherited him.  Anyway, this friend grew to manhood and was still in his thirties when the mother died.  The mother, who had nurtured and protected him, died.  The man stood at her grave as they lowered the coffin and tried to cry, but no tears came.


The man’s father lived to a very extended old age and withered away and died when the son was in his fifties.  At the father’s funeral, much to the son’s surprise, he could not control his tears.  Wailing, sobbing…. he was apparently inconsolable.  Utterly lost.  That was the story Kritzinger told me.


Doctor or Lawyer


I could either be

A doctor or lawyer

To be anything else

Would mean that I'm

Not good enough

To be anything else

Would mean that

Your sacrifices weren't

Worth it and I'm not

Deserving of love


But sadly, I'll never

Be a doctor

And I've no interest

In law

And the unrealistic

Expectations you

Put upon me

Remind me

Of my flaws


I'll never be the

Child you wanted

This took years

For me to see

I'll never be the child

You wanted

And you'll never be

The parent I need



The man had been driven his whole life by hatred of his father.  When his mother died, that was a loss, but when his father died and the hate had lost its object, the man’s life was completely empty.


Do not let hate fill your lives so much that, when it is gone, you have nothing left to live for.



--- K.S. Fort



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