The Lock-Down

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What would happen if you were in a lock down? This is a true account. This is from my POV

Submitted: May 25, 2017

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Submitted: March 09, 2017



I remember it like it was yesterday. It was just a regular day while I was Pshychology and we were working on our presentation for our field experiments. I was finishing up and was blasting Tiffiny's "I think we're alone now" into my headphones. I was about done when I saw everyone still as a statue. I took my headphones out and heard that that the school was on lockdown. The teacher instructed us to go to the side away from the windows. We all went and then I just sat down. I didn't know if this was a drill but I didn't know. It usually last for about 6-9 mintes but after the 9 minute mark I pulled out my phone to text my dad. I told him that I was scared and that the school was on acual lockdown. As I started to text my dad, I saw a message pop up on my phone where it said that the school was saying that students can't come back. It started to scare me more. Some kids didn't even take the lockdown seriously and our teacher said "Guys Shut The Fuck Up." He said that this wasn't a drill. Now that was enough to make me scared. I decided to text my friend. I asked if she was ok but she texted back in 3 seconds with "I'm scared af." I said that I am too. After I texted my friend, my dad said that a S.W.A.T. team did a sweep of the school and was going to the K8 that was right across the street. I texted my friedn the news and she asked me that I keep her updated. I said that I would. I was very scared and I decided to text my other friend. She was also very scared also. Alyssa told me that she was scared. My other friend I texted, Sarah, said that she heard a band and footsteps. That scared the living shit out of me. I texted Alyssa and she said that it scared her too. I was fucking terrified at this point. I asked my dad if he heard anything. He said 'no.' I then saw a text from Sarah that said "The Bomb Squad's here." That made me jump and hit my head on my desk. This was very terrifying and I wished that I would die where I am. I felt like someone wanted to kill all of us. I didn't want to die because I loved Alyssa and Sarah like sisters. I texted Alyssa to tell her and she was very scared. Alyssa texted 'I love you man.' I texted her 'love you too.' I told Sarah that if anything happened that I love her. She said 'same'. I was very scared. How scared? I saw that my mom texted me. She asked if I was ok. I told her yeah but I'm so scared. I can't begin to tell you that there was a bomb on our school campus. I was fearing for my life. I didn't know if there was any bombs inside the school. This wasn't a video game. It was fucking reality. It was a good 4 hours when we were allowed to go use the restroom and go back to the classroom. It turns out that someone was trying to get into the school and that he claimed that he was a former student. Then the police who arrested the man. The police then found a unattended backpack and since it was at a school it was very very scary and unusual. I went home after they let us out and I decided to stay home and recover. I don't know what happened afterwards to the man but  hope he's still in prision. This was the scaries lockdown I've been in.

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