Destiny and Fate

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"Run! And save the children, especially her!" "Live long and be... good... you can survive, I know you can. Mama loves so much." "MIYUKI Nee, I...I can't leave you and I can't do this all- DO IT BAKA, EAT it... before... BEFORE YOU DIE." "I'll kill pirates, every last one of them. That'll teach them!" "Hey kid, you need a ride?" "You want to kill pirates." "Kid, ya got yourself a bounty and is on the front page." "A war is happening, and we want you to stop and kill those pirates." "Whitebeard is there?!" "A KID!" "I will not kill that girl." "HOW COULD YOU MARINES LIE?!" "I will not let you kill him, I have to use this as a chance of redemption!" "Run while you can, I'll back all of them off." "I can't trust anyone anymore..."

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Submitted: March 09, 2017

Guys. This is a One Piece Fanfiction. If you don't watch One Piece, it's an anime.

Akane is a 6 year old girl. And her mother has a sickness. Read Chapter

All isn't lost, right? There's still hope...? Part 1

Submitted: March 09, 2017

Akane's POV I pass out but before I do, I hear Onee-san say something about a curse... or something like that. She shook her head. ... Read Chapter