Been down to long

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Submitted: March 10, 2017

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Submitted: March 10, 2017



It's hard to keep ur head up

When you been down

For years I tried

To get out of this funk

But the dj keeps playing my song

Pulling me back to where I don't wanna be.

I learned that we should never forget where we came from

Or how we are brought up.

My misleading pride keeps me chained 2 my rugged past.

Those who once ment so much No longer utter my name

Shammed to look in the mirror.

To much pride to ask for help Let alone forgiviness.

Lips are now dry For I'm afraid to kiss

Ill mannered to be missed

Walk in the shadows To be remembered

Alone as I drift away ageing Strangers try to break my habbits

Unware of the pain that flows inside

Every touch shocks my heart

Every smile darkness my eyes

Every laugh deafings

For my thoughts weigh my head down

Causing unnecessary stress

For I am broken behoned repair

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