The Case of the Love in Group.

The Case of the Love in Group.

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Status: In Progress

Genre: Other



Another Leo Crab adventure.
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Another Leo Crab adventure.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Mr and Mrs Croucher.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 10, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 10, 2017







This novel takes place around the mid to late 1980’s

All characters in this book are creatures of my imagination and there is absolutely no relationship or even any resemblance to any living person, except in references to historical facts and figures.

Many buildings and places described excist, however actions taking place in them are again a figment of my imagination.

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The case of the Love in Group.



There had been discussions, over the last several months, between the Commissioner for Police, the Labour Party, Minister for Police, and Police Chief Superintendent Black.

The discussions had been about the need, of engaging some Intelligent, no nonsense people, people who could work up to a point, outside the very confined police rules, as laid down by legislation, made by Lawyers, and all those many Laws, the Police had to abide by.

All three, agreed whole heartedly, that the police just had to many rules, when it came to catching, and penalizing criminals, many of these rules, which could, and realy should be circumvented by individual agents, who most of the time should have police backing, especial when Criminals, who did not care about the Law, and had their so-called, ‘Battery of Lawyers’, to help them flaunt the Law, with impunity, and afterwards laugh about this.

Black had suggested, that they should employ Leo, as one of these people, the Commissioner knowing, what Leo had done for the Police Force, over the last few years, including the money he had gained, for the Police Department, from several criminal accounts, which he Leo, had freely supplied to the now, Chief Superintendent Black, agreed after telling Black that he Leo, as far as possible should stay within the Law, and that he, the Commissioner, and the Minister for Police , should not be informed, if he Leo, or any of the other special agents, they could come up with, strayed to far outside the Law, in other words, deny-ability for both the Commissioner, and the Minister, with Black controlling these agents, and being finally responsible for them.

Three days after Black, and Leo had signed, an agreement ,making Leo an undercover operative, at times when so required by Black, or the Commissioner, with instrumental powers within, and some outside, the Police Force of South Australia, on a 6 month retainer, this retainer to be looked at after these 6 months, to see if this should be exten- ded, he and the others, would be directly responsible to Chief Superintendent Black.  

At about 10.30 there was a knock on Leo’s office, and Meriam guided two middle aged people, inside his office , saying very to softly Leo:

“Mr Crab, this is Mr and Mrs Croucher, they would like to talk to you”, her wrinkled fore- head, and the sorrowful look on the couple’s faces, warned Leo to be careful, he stood up immediately, pushing his chair backwards, when Leo looked close, he saw an approximate 55 year old, earlygrey haired man, and the very well preserved, 50 year or so old women, both were standing in front of Leo's desk, both were, as he could see, very distraught over something.

After having a good look at them, whilst standing up, Leo asked them softly, seeing a lot of distress in their eyes, to sit down, he pointed at two, fairly comfortable chairs, in front of his desk, and sat himself down again.

Ever so slowly, and carefully, both with tears in their eyes and with many pauses, whilst sometimes glancing at each other, holding hands, they told their story to Leo.

Their only child a Daughter, whose name was Ann Croucher, and was just 17 years old, had left their home, after a big row one evening, this had happened, some six months prior to them visiting Leo, in his office.

The fight they told Leo hesitantly, was over Ann wanting to join, this what they believed, was a so-called, they almost hesitated, fully looking at each other, before saying it, “religious group”, which belonged, as far as they had found out after she had told them, to a place called, “the House of Creation”.

At that time her father, who was very upset, sternly forbade Ann to join the, as he had called it, “this sect”, he had told her: “That she had only just turned, 17 years of age and should at least wait, until her 18th Birthday, than she could make up her mind, before she join anything like this, a religious sect, at least she would have, about a year to have more sense, in her head, the next morning, after the row with her father, and mother, Ann was gone, she had taken with her, a couple of suitcases, containing nearly all of her most, prised belongings, she had also emptied her bank account’s, of the large combined amount, of nearly $ 5,500.00, about a year’s wages, for the average worker, in Australia, which was close, to all her savings, and all this had happened, about six months prior to them coming here, to see Leo.

Ann against, the will of her parents as they stated, had joined this religious group, which she Ann, believed, was a religious order, of deep faith, and they her parents believed, that the place was called, as they had been told by Ann, before she left, “the House of Creation”, this religious place was some-where, as she told them, not to far from away from Rapid Bay, on the beautiful South Coast.

Since Ann had left, about six months ago, they had not received any communication from her, until about eight days ago, it had been sometime in the mid afternoon, on the Monday of last week.

As they stated, eight days ago, a letter had been hand delivered to them. by a young man, the young man had looked clean cut, but appeared somewhat disturbed, in this letter, she Ann, pleaded with her parents, to come and take her back home with them, because she no longer wanted, to be in this, as she wrote, horrible place, and that they could trust this young man, she stated in her letter, that he would tell them, what was going on.

They had not known the name of the young man, that had delivered the letter, no name, just a quick, here please read this, and the clean cut, well dressed young man, was gone from their field of vision, as quickly as he had arrived, they had wanted to ask him some questions, about Ann, and why she wanted to leave that place, but he had disappeared too quickly, for them to ask anything.

They had this hand delivered letter with them, and with the letter, which the lady got out of her handbag, at the same time, she handed Leo two photo’s, of a very good looking slim well groomed girl, with long dark hair, which Leo estimated, to be some-where between the ages of 16, to 19 years.

The grey-haired man told Leo, that they had tried the next day, Tuesday, to get to her, and bring her back with them, to their home, they had gone to the place, where these people had their so-called temple, on the South Coast.

But when they had arrived, at the gate to the grounds, of this so-called religious sect, they had been refused entry , to the ground’s and their offices, they had been stopped , by two strong looking middle aged men, who appeared each, to have a pistol on their hips, these men were in front of a guardhouse, next to the gate, they had wondered, and still did, why the grounds had to be guarded, by armed men, where this relegious group’s temple, was on.

Two days later on the Thursday afternoon, a man had come to their house, and had infor -med them, in no uncertain way, that they should never ever, come to the grounds of the ‘House of Creation” again, nor should they go to the police, he had told them, if they did, things would happen to them, the older man pointed to his wife, and also that they then would also never, see their daughter alive again.

Leo after scratching his head, informed them, that he would look into this case for them, he would do it quietly, without stirring these religious people, and he would do this, over the next couple of days, at the same time, he did not promise them, that he would get their daughter back, but he did tell them, that he would do his utmost, to help to get her back for them.

Leo stood up out of his chair, at the same time the distressed couple stood up.

Leo walked with them to the door, he shook the man’s hand and next, just held the softly crying lady’s hand, gently in his right hand, whilst covering her hand, with his left from above, he did not mention a fee, he decided that they were to distressed.




























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