chiffon and chanel

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a young girl has lost her father, but how did the 'accident' happen?

Submitted: March 10, 2017

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Submitted: March 10, 2017



It was an accident- just a ghastly rotten accident. Nothing I could have done, but I desperately  wish I could have, just shouted a warning or something. Now it's too late and I'm so very very- upset, devastated actually. Yes please, if you don't mind I will borrow your handkerchief. Thank you so much.

Mrs Dawson has done a wonderful job with the funeral tea don't you think? Thanks awfully for coming - father always says we're tucked so far out of the way here that we should be grateful for any visitors at all. How long have we lived here?

Well we moved in last Summer. I remember because we would all go and stand on the cliff top to  watch the herring boats come in, it must have been June. Goodness I've become quite the fisher-girl haven't I? Yes, father had always wanted to move to the coast. When mother died he would talk about how he wished he could have woken in the morning and seen the sun rise out of the sea with her. It was a very sad time for us and we needed a change. Then of course he met Marla, and everything changed. You see, father and I used to do everything together, but when he met her, well , his priorities changed. Beautiful Marla- she was an actress you know. We met her after a production of The Mouse Trap at the Edinburgh Playhouse- father and I were always going out to the theatre, or for tea at the Waverley, or skating in Princess Street Gardens. My father was quite smitten. I don't suppose he ever dreamt that someone like Marla May would be interested in a stuffy university professor like him. Sad really. Mother wouldn't have approved at all. Mother was Harris tweed and lavender where Marla was chiffon and Chanel. I think They did try to include me, but they were 'in love' . It was all jolly confusing really. Well I was only twelve then. Anyway when father decided to make all his dreams come true and move to the coast, too far away from Mary Erskine school, they both felt it would be better for me to board. If you know anything about boarding school, and the cold grey food and inappropriate discipline you'll understand how unhappy I was. Of course I got the train home in the school holidays, all the way up to Stonehaven, freezing and dull if you're thinking of staying to take the air.

Anyway- as I said- I'm so very cut up about the accident, I honestly did think I was losing my footing on the cliff path, I nearly fell right over. I didn't notice the loose turf or the overhang.

Yes, it's so fortunate that I have Marla as a step mother, she really has been so caring. Well, it's been lovely talking to you but I really must finish off my packing- we're catching the sleeper to London at 8.00.


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