We Shouldn't fight

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Submitted: March 10, 2017

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Submitted: March 10, 2017



As I watched Brothers Mike and Robby argue I remembered the time last time I was with my Brother, we were arguing and he left at the words “I hate you!”

My mom walked in the door after my brother left and quietly explained so Daddy couldn’t hear “you shouldn’t talk to your brother like that, he could die any time and so could you. Do you want that to be the last thing you said to him?”

It was the last thing I said to him. He died that night in a car accident. It was all my fault. He wouldn’t have left if I hadn’t have said those words, but I did…

I felt so bad. The funeral was on Sunday and I didn’t want to go. I knew it would just make me feel worse, but I knew I should go.

It was Sunday morning and it was time for church, the funeral would be later that day and I was dreading it. As we walked in the doors to the church many people came to hug us, greet us, feel sorry for us, and pray for us. It almost made me sick, I didn’t really want to talk about my brother, but that was all I could do. I cried most of the way through church as I kept the words of their prayers fresh in my mind.

Church was over so we went home to change for the funeral. We tried to wear light colored clothes to brighten the mood at church, but now it was time for the black and white. We walked in the door I was crying, my sisters were crying, my mom was crying. Mom walked over to grandpa who was also crying and put a smile on his face as she hugged him. It was an exceptionally long hug so my family and I joined in.

I was the closest to grandpa so I could easily smell his nice minty cologne which cheered me up as usual. We sat down as the preacher talked. I don’t remember much more but I know I cried.

So even though Mike and Robby were fighting I did not talk. It was time for me to leave and I heard Mike’s Mother tell him the exact words my mom told me in a low voice so daddy couldn’t hear “You shouldn’t talk to your Brother like that, he could die any time and so could you. Do you want that to be the last thing you said to him?”

So I turned around and told them my story as they apologized to each other one by one about the things they had said to each other throughout their lives, and I walked home happy. As I laid in my bed that night I thought about the things I would have said if I had the chance to apologize to him that night.  

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