for you

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my first poem, with some other stuff at the end

Submitted: March 10, 2017

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Submitted: March 10, 2017



For You!

 How shall I compare thee to a summers day?
 Perhaps in a way that makes you feel all hot and bothered
 For that is how You made oneself before you threw me to the Hay!
 You left me alone and and my cheeks a deep red.

 Oh how I can ever compare thee, yet I still try
 I listened and cared and fell for you, but you leave me now with my knees scraped and my heart broken
 For now every night, because of you feel the need to lay and cry
 After the mess, I tried my best being content with knowing you still had some small token

...Of me

 My affection does perhaps seem as wide and broad as that of the sea.
 I had given my soul, my life, my very essence to you!
 As I look back that was a mistake, I should've known you'd have toss the key
 You flew away like a dove flying away with its soft coo, making you feel empty and askew.

 And yet Life goes on with a simple twist
 You, yes you, are the thing for which most I yearn for and miss.

Perhaps this is meant to be. And it it taking me too long to see. I would swim the sea, cross deserts, and climb mountains for you. Yet you push me! You push me further now to a place in which I have no where to go.

 I stand at a cliff still looking to you for some constellation...none is found. Once more I feel myself falling. Not for you but from you. That is what you want and I shall accept it. You deserve best, and that.. I know I may never be.

For what is being without seeing and seeing with no believing. That some time perhaps circumstances will change and you may feel the same too. Yet that is a chance to were I will torture myself for ages, all in hopes of reconciling what I thought we did, but never had.

Life is a mystery in which one will hurt themselves in all ways imaginable to extinction. All in pursuit, of that in which they shall never be hurt again. For haven't I suffered enough, all for you... 

Because of you. You wonderful, beautiful, funny, magnificent, illustrious human being!

I may never be with you, so now I must be content with only being me.


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