My Progression

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The forward movement of time.

Submitted: March 10, 2017

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Submitted: March 10, 2017



  My time is now and without conviction,

I must continue to move forward,

Even though I can’t understand why.

I must move forward as does the sun across

The eastern sikes toward the those of the west,

As does the seas surging inward toward the shore,

As does the wind across the great expanse of sand,

As do the hands of time toward whatever fortune has in store.


Where is my place inside this massive expanse called life?

How may I ever have my say?

How may I ever find my footing when

Opportunity no longer exists,

And what it is that takes it’s place are

Perverted stories of a fabled past and twisted lies?


Where is the freedom to make our own choices?

Where is the liberty to manage our own resources?

What happened to our endowment to retain our own profits?

Where lies our grant to live life on our own terms?

Our own advancement via use of our acquired resources would

Conflict with the large corporations

And the banks,

Both of  whom it is that we are enslaved to.


Such is the “freedom”  offered by today’s American system,

To exist as chattel to banks and the large corporations,

To embrace the ever pounded lie

That there exists liberty inside a blood soaked nation,

The blood of patriots who perished

In the name of liberty,

Defending land, estate, and individual enterprise


Many thousands dying for the liberty

For an individual’s right to ascend the ladder

Of prosperity

Into a level of wealth on par

With that of aristocracy;

Such notions constituted the true America



The great dream has been violently wrested from us,

Shattered for all eternity,

To the point that we bear not even the right

To speak about it any more.


The great extortion was put into place for

The purpose of denying our system  

The representative check

Against the corporations and the central bank

Around which they have grown,

Forcing their self serving objectives on

the national citizens.


I tell you that all is lost,

Doomed to the coming conquest

Of the individual citizens resource base.

Soon will come the persecutions,

The mass gathering of citizens who resist,

Or even disagree,

Then an ultra liberal National Socialist

System will facilitate slavery,

Inside a land once ruled by liberty.



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