The Queen Of Nightmares

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It is about a Girl named Scarlett who had a perfect life in the End but she travels to find her happiness

Submitted: March 10, 2017

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Submitted: March 10, 2017



The Queen of Nightmares

By: cocoawesome

My name is Scarlett. I live in the End a peaceful place without those stinky humans.I am the happiest of them all. Joy fills me every day as time progress. My dark world is full of towering pillars that touch the sky and hard stone ground. Its peaceful and quiet but with magic around me at all times. My life is full friends,family,and good grades in magic. As half-human half-enderman I can turn into mist,teleport,and have mad magic skills.


Even as happy as it sounds it's full of humans trying to steal the elytra wings.The wings give you the power to fly,humans want it,but they always find some cheesy way to steal it,they always lose. After the great humans attack any monsters are tested every by wit to see human blood,even a drop they harass you. Magic here is important it makes the humans helpless.The magic whizz past me the bell! I rush to Endergon Magic School for Youth.The best of all in the End. The best magic sorcerers and sorceress went there. As head of my class,and my grade they want me to be the best with my opportunities. Since I am half-human they never let me go to the Ender Campgrounds. I’m really good with magic but the bad kids even go. Why not me?


As I walk into class all of my classmates are seated whispering to each other. I slowly walked in and took my seat at my desk at homeroom. Then somebody whispered  “Did ya heard they found somebody that was killed by a human?”. ”What?!” I whispered “When, how, what”. ”I know right” he muttered, “It was a human dressed as a endermen trying to start a fight!”. Then in a snap Amy my worst enemy says “You must be happy”. I sank down I would never do anything at all. As soon as she finished Miss Ender our homeroom teacher bellowed “STOP TALKING”. The whole class silenced as the last letter came out of her tongue.


She continued ”As I have heard a rumor has gone around about that.. a...Unknown being has tried to... disturb our lovely kind” she said in a disturbing voice. “So any half humans must…”she paused, “LEAVE THIS SCHOOL AND NEVER COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. She shook the whole room! “ must leave forever.” Soon as she said that all my friends started terrorizing me blasting me with magic saying ”GOOOOOOOOOOOOO” All the half humans with a drop of human blood were storming out. I used my magic to blast the school to bits they never respected me at all,nobody did so I have to leave!


I ran to my house grabbed my stuff in my room.I stopped to go to the kitchen to grab some food and left. I went inside the portal building endermen in dark suits were walking in. I snuck in the crowd and blasted them to bits with fiery red in my eyes,they ran.The portal was glimmering my future awaited as a human a new life I put on my hood and went in my happy life awaits new friends new parents I’ll never go to the End again. Magic went about me swirling as I went in and powf. I was in a stronghold with moldy stone bricks were around me ender pearls were put in beautiful end portals. Stairs went down to the cracked stone floor to empty halls were around me. I had a good feeling this was the overworld.


I looked in the halls,nothing I went inside the library I saw lots of books and looked in each shelf. I looked in chests,just paper and files for different books.They looked brand new strange. I heard footsteps I quickly hide behind a shelf if they saw me they would wonder how I got here I had to make a cover oh a cover up how I hate those.The footsteps became louder a voice said”Hello”? I decided to teleport to the second level. I looked below.  I girl with pretty grey eyes and silky brown hair walked in holding bunches of books.


She hollered once again”Hello” then paused “maybe it was just the wind from outside”. I snuck into another corner and peeked from the railing.She went to asile 26 and shook her head “Not here maybe to the upstairs that gotta be where it is!”She climbed the ladder I froze if she caught me I will be dead in a snap.She fell down from the ladder and sighed”Gotta use teleportation,even though I promised never to ever again”.She teleported to my exact spot.She screamed, I screamed.I took my hood off and blasted some ender mist at her she blasted some back. We stopped and she asked”Who are you!”in a raspy voice. I blurted “I have come to go to the overworld to start a new life as a human”I covered my mouth.She ran off never to be seen again so I proceeded out of the stronghold and into the light. I hope I could start again.


The light was pouring on me like rain I saw a village it had wooden houses with dirt backyards and farms plots grew in little corners with people tending the crops. People rushing inside houses and huddling in a line to craft. I quickly transformed into a lovely purple dress with mud smears on the sides with a wooden pickaxe in my hand. I ran over and creeped towards the village somebody found me and yelled with a concerned voice”What happened to you let's get you over to the infirmary to get you checked out”.


She quickly pulled me over to a wooden house a nurse came and with a worried face and took me to a small room and checked a cabinet and muttered”Where's that potion and softly said to me”Stay still and dear can you tell us your name ”. I paused and said with a shakey head”Scarlett”. She replied”Now dear you have to take this potion and we will try to sort this out”. I drank the potion it was a healing potion the sweetness swelled up my face. She went out of the room.I stared out the window it was very sunny. She came back in with a shiny purple dress with a pair of black shoes.She said”You will have to stay with me on the upstairs floor, and change into this”. I nodded and sighed I finally had a home but I needed to find a way to fit in so I asked her”Can I go outside”. She nodded and opened the door.


I went outside to the backyard,overgrown weeds and vines were tangled up  everywhere.I went inside and got some shears and trimmed the yard and grabbed some flowers and put them on the land. I went inside and out the door a farm plot was in front of me with nobody to tend it I went and planted some seeds.Then I saw somebody. The girl with grey eyes!She stared at me and said”You!”.Then somebody hollered”Hey Pearl who yah talking too”he stared at me and smiled and continued”So your the new girl found in the woods odd isn’t it we always check the woods for lost people...oh well you have to get used to here”.He smiled and walked away.Pearl and I made deep contact “Pearl’s the name” in a harsh voice”We need to talk in private”.She pulls me to a house she escorts me inside.


Their was a room a picture hanging I assumed it was the mud room a sharp corner was at the right.She gestured to that corner.There was a Iron door she took out a lever she put it in a hopper.It creaked and clanged and opened the door to a room with no windows and completely covered in Iron. An Iron desk was in the middle of the room with a small block beside it she finally said”I am a endermen hybrid too”she said “I can guide you only if we keep our secret together. I nodded and smiled but got confused and replied”But how did you get here how do I survive the human world”.She replied”I am from the utter parts of the End a crowded place so I moved out to be inside the city but then…..the attack so I quickly headed to the portal.I jumped in and ever since,I wanted to see if it was safe again but I thought it was even worse....but I dream to go back”.If only she knew.


I quickly went in a house it was full of people crafting various things in a series of lines.People in diamond armor came and with diamond swords gestures everyone inside their houses.The sun was setting and I wanted to go in a house but all of them were too crowded. Monsters were swarming doors people in the armor fighting them.Pearl was right behind me we fought the monsters together.


My magic was bubbling inside me I wanted to let a blast out at them but it would be really bad so I hid in a cave with Pearl she had some had some spare torches so I lit up the place.We settled down and put down my possessions and placed a nice bed I have crafted.I traveled further down with Pearl was right behind me lighting more torches.We heard a gruff sound we froze. A shadow arose we screamed. It was a boy with smooth black hair and stared at me gawk eyed.I stared at him too and I said”WHO ARE YOU”. He was silent for a second and smiled and said”My name is Ender I am a endermen hybrid”. We were shocked at what he said”You are too so you can stay here or you can go with me to get revenge on the people who defied us”.Pearl still shocked said”IT WAS YOU ALL ALONG YOU WERE MY FRIEND WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME!”He said”I thought you were normal but now”. He said quickly “Good night go to sleep we can talk it over tomorrow”.




We teleported outside and  we quickly hid inside some bushes and came out when the coast was clear.Then a girl came to us and happily cheered”Hi pearl hi whatever-your name-is”.I replied”My name is Scarlett ”I hated when people don’t know my name. With Ender it was kinda awkward since he was new with us. We came with Ender went down the well we went too. We arrived in the stronghold. We rushed to the portal and jumped in. The End was full of war at every corner when we got there. Endermen raging over,humans fighting to get into homes. Hybrids imprisoned. My heart raced Pearl’s image on her home was erased and placed with a picture of hate,nothing was right. My mind raced my.Happiness wasn’t right,I thought the human world was full of happiness but revenge felt better.My mind raced with thoughts.


No it can’t be,nothing was right my home is nowhere they will find me out no one will help me. I blasted magic people screamed my hair turned a violent shade of purple and my eyes dark black.My old enemy Amy was screaming.I decided to blast her for everything thing she did ruined my life MY LIFE. She disappeared forever. I rushed to find the elytra wings I put them on they dissolved into a mist it was a part of me. I was flying I flew over the End blasting all the people who disrespected me. I almost destroyed the End but still not happy. Only one thing,steal the dream crown!


I flew over to the castle in the main city it was crowded with people. I rushed over and blasted the crowd apart. I went in the bedrock castle a guard was standing at the door . I used my magic to let me pass. I flew in a staircase I went up.I flew all the way up. I saw the crown glimmering. I slowly walked to it power was mine all mine I touched it.

I squeezed it my dreams came to view. My dreams crushed apart from the dreams of others I went in a dream of my best friend.


She was dancing in a beautiful ballroom with a flowy dress it was as pretty as ever.I went in and had an even prettier dress on. She gawked and people laughed at her her dreams were shattered I used her fear of never being beautiful to destroy her. I went in to other dreams I was consumed by the magic.I was in the air with all that power I could own the entire universe. I laughed the world was mine forever, my friends Ender and Pearl were smiling with me even if I never belonged in the world I could rule it.All my dreams were coming true.True happiness is in control.

I walked in my new home on my throne with Pearl and Ender beside me. I never thought that I would get this far,people feared me now. I wanted to make everyone bow at my knees,the whole stinking world,true happiness is what you get,I thought before but it's what you take from other people. I stared out my porch my mind cleared with thoughts of pure evil and doubt of others.If they respected me they would have never ever had getting what they asked for. I keep repeating the same words in people's heads that doubted me every single time. I made them feel their pain,the sorrow replace all the joy in the world. I could finally call myself the Queen of Nightmares!

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