Letter 3 : Insatiable.

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Submitted: March 10, 2017

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Submitted: March 10, 2017



It's the third chapter of a story of craving your beauty, keep your hair behind your head so nothing could disturb your thoughts. Though, I love the sweep of your hair, and how your eyes expand to lighten up my day, to make my words meaningful, they all belong to you and only you.

Sometimes I wish I could be inside your body, so I can feel all what I desire to feel. I want to see through you, feel your irregular breathes, smell you like you're all mine, and move your hair away from your beautiful eyes just because they never deserve to be hidden, I badly need to have you.

I know minutely how it's deliciously warm inside you. For each lip of yours is luckier than the other, they can touch one another whenever they want to, as I'm wishing I could end the loneliness of their honey, letting the sides of your ribs be uncontrollable between my hands. I want to hear your velvety voice coming and not easily stopping, letting you know that I never known what craving is like until I've touched you. For my finger tips would addict touching your softness.

You -effortlessly- have filled my thoughts with all sorts of passionate insatiability. I wish I could discover you, again and again, to feel the unlimited pleasure of observing your beauty all over again. You were a princess in a dress, but not my princess, not in a dress of my choice, not as sweet as you deserve to be. You're not yet admired, let me fill your emptiness, my lady, let me be your savior, let the lonesome nights end forever.

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