Who are you?

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One of many conversations with myself.

Submitted: March 10, 2017

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Submitted: March 10, 2017



The true purpose in life is to acquire new experiences. Living is getting the chance to enrich your soul. It is an opportunity given to you by millions of years of survival of the fittest. You are the result. It’s amazing actually!

You are not here by chance or pure luck, everything seems to have been meticulously calculated so that you could exist. You were made possible because of the experiences of the thousands of millions of organisms that have come before you. Nothing should be taken for granted. A path has been paved for you by lives which have never met you.

We don’t decide to be born, but would you truly say no to such an occasion. Even if it meant experiencing pain. Would getting to know yourself not be enough. You are special, you are the sum of all your experiences and the lives before your’s. If you’d talked to someone who was you but with a different face would you recognize them? would you find them interesting as they told you their tales?

Would their experiences be wonderful?

Would you praise them on how far they have gone with what they were given in life?

Could you truly hate them as much as you hate yourself?

It’s okay to doubt yourself but, each time you do ask yourself “If a different set of eyes said and did the same thing, what would you think of them?”

The purpose in life should be to better yourself. There are so many ways to do this.






Intellectual enrichment

Emotional consciousness



In the end, what you do with your potential is up to you. But remember that your actions always have impacts on other’s lives.

How can a butterfly’s wings cause a storm?

The imprint your life creates will be felt by the hearts of many. You are lucky because you get to decide whether the imprint you leave will be to empower others or to crush them.




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