Labyrinth Of Curses (Corridors)

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I wrote this, in 2016. It's part of my 7th poem set, Opened Obstruct.

Submitted: March 10, 2017

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Submitted: March 10, 2017



I've arrived, at, the area, where, I, felt, the disturbance, and, it's, unreal, what, I'm, witnessing.

All, of, the curses, that, I, sealed, away, long, ago, are trying to, steal, my, world, and, take, authority.

I, never, imagined, they would, attempt to, morph, into, this, kind, of, a physical, form.

A labyrinth, of, malicious, curses, constructed, with, walls, of, weird, corridors.

This steady, structure, is, on, par, with, the golden, clouds, that, float, above, in, spectacular, swarms.

I'm, now, informed, from, my, analysis, that, there, was, a missing, mythical, orb.

There's, the four, I, unlocked, after, I, finished, gathering, and absorbing.

But, a fifth, orb, was, also, released, and, hidden, somewhere, when, my, world, was, born.

I realize, now, the curses, I, imprisoned, were, reopened, by, my, waves, of, creativity.

Providing, them, with, different, functions, of, deception, and control.

The entities, fused, and integrated, with, the yellow, orb, of, electricity.

And, cloned its, elemental, abilities, to have, an enormous, shocking, force.

I, must, travel, my, way, through these, humongous, mazes, and, haunted, chambers.

Where, I'm, sure to, encounter, unknown, mysteries, and, eerie, creatures.

I, have to, find, where, the real, electric, orb, is, located, and, cleanse, it.

I, have to, take, it, under, my, command, to have, this, insanity, vanish.

When, this, labyrinth, of, curses, starts to, deteriorate, and dissolve.

I'll, have to, fight, the remaining, monsters, that, spawn, and, try to, purge, them, once, and, for, all.

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