There is Someone

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A beginning of a beautiful relationship between a new mother and a son

Submitted: March 10, 2017

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Submitted: March 10, 2017



Reva stared dreamily at the screen in front of her.

9235 new messages!

No wonder her mailbox was blocked. What she needed was a personal folder. She blankly navigated through the outlook, clicking on almost every option.

Voila! There it was, a button to create a new pst.

Going back to work was awesome, especially after eleventh months. Trying to resolve something when you know the problem, with a confidence that a solution exists, as opposed to say, trying to calm down a crying infant.

‘Welcome back, Reva. Have a time for a quick chat?’

Her boss.

She followed him inside a small conference room.

‘How’s little one? Daycare?’


‘It must be difficult for you. I remember my wife used to cry for a month after rejoining.’

Really? Sure, her eyes were wet when she waited for almost ten minutes outside the daycare, only to hear persistent wailing. But she wouldn’t say she was crying.

‘He will be okay, I think,’ she answered. ‘It’s a matter of time.’

Yes, a matter of time. She didn't want to imagine how scared the little heart must be at that very moment.

‘Anyway, I have some reorganization to announce and I was waiting for you to come back.’

Oh the R-word... It could mean anything.

‘Let me start with the good news. We are separating your function from reporting and others. And there is no one more deserving than you to lead the team.’

Aah, to lead the team? that was a promotion!

‘Thanks,’ she said cautiously. ‘And then there is a bad news, I suppose?’

He laughed. ‘That depends upon how you look at it.’

It sounded ominous.

‘The management has decided to move your function under Technology.’

Oh. She had heard rumors in the past. Being business analysts, their team ideally belonged to Technology, but they had always been part of Risk. It made things convenient.

‘So you will be reporting to Jeff now,’ he continued.


‘You may not know him, he joined a year ago or so. A very nice fellow to work with.’

Reva took in a deep breath thinking what it meant. She was to report to a manager who didn't know her. She didn't even know her peers. Barring a few developers, she didn't know anyone in Technology whereas in Risk... it was a second home.

‘Your team will be moving to the third floor next Monday-’

‘Are we physically moving there?’

This was heartbreaking. No choice, no warning. Just a whim of someone at the top, and she was being uprooted. What about her team? She had to support their transition too. So many changes in one shot!

‘I know it’s going to be a headache. You will be attending meetings here on the fifty-first, all the time. On the flip side, it’s a fancy new floor, quite modern. You must have seen it.’

Yes, she had. Open desks, no cubicles, no personal space. What was fancy about it?

Reva left the room with heavy heart. Her soon-to-be-ex boss had promised her every support during the transition. But what she needed was sympathy.

Her eyes scanned her friends on way back to her desk.

Just moments ago, they had celebrated the reunion with big cheer. How was she going to break the news now?

She was never the one to break the news. There were two types of people on the Risk floor. Those who changed jobs and those who didn’t. After completing four strenuous years, Reva had firmly secured a spot in the second category.

‘Are you an idiot?’ message from husband read, ‘you have just been promoted and you are cribbing over a desk change?’

It was more than a desk, but that was not the point. Wouldn't someone understand her?


Jay cried his lungs out as the comforting smell receded slowly.

Mama was gone.

He was being held tightly by some girl. The girl turned in order to transport him to another room.

Jay stretched both his arms and legs to make her task impossible. He could not allow to be moved. When Mama came back, she would come back to the same spot.

Nonetheless, he was carried inside, into a larger more colourful room and was put down on a soft carpet with big pictures on it. A few other infants were sitting there.

Jay ignored them. He felt exhausted, but still kept up the howl, in the hope that Mama would come back. She had to. She had said so, that much he understood.

She didn’t.

This had never happened before. Jay paused for a moment and looked around, bewildered.

The room was pleasant. He was especially delighted to see a pair of large butterflies on the wall. But would Mama ever come back?

A glass of water appeared in front of his lips.

Realizing how thirsty he was, he gulped the water without a thought.

When he looked up, he saw the same girl looking straight into his eyes, making his favourite faces.

She was the one who had snatched her from Mama’s arms. Jay gave her a hefty push.

She pretended to fall down and to cry and then giggled.

That was funny. But Jay was not going to laugh. Instead, he looked away and thought of Mama again. The tears came back and the sobs turned into full-blown crying again.

This was what Mama had meant when she was talking with such an animation for days. He knew something was amiss as the kisses and hugs came randomly. But when so much time passed without event, he dusted off the worries.

A big mistake. He should have protested hard against getting dressed this morning.

He cried and cried more as the day wore off. The girls, they were actually two of them, now that he paid attention, tried feeding him.

Of course, he resisted. But his body was drained.

Thankfully, the girls persisted in not just feeding him but changing him and cleaning him.

Maybe there was not much cause to worry. He was being taken care of and the room was full of toys. All that he needed now was Mama. The thought depressed him but no tears came.

When he woke up, he was still in the same awful heaven.

‘Jay, you woke up, papa?’

For the first time, he noticed the girl saying his name. But her kiss reminded him of Mama. It had been so long ago that she might not ever come back.

‘’ he tried asking her.

She pulled him closer and explained him something.

Jay appreciated the effort. Besides, she was now singing a pleasant-sounding song. A smile broke on his lips.

Jay’s heart leapt with a joy when he did see Mama standing behind a short wooden door. He crawled speedily towards the door, angry tears made their way.

Mama held him tight to her chest and showered kisses.

Jay couldn’t bring himself to forgive her and kept crying. She had to know he hated it. He didn’t care about fancy colours, lovely toys or cheery music. He only wanted to be with Mama. Would she understand how he felt?

Jay looked into Mama’s nervous eyes.

He saw the same fear, the same worn-out futile resistance, the same anxiety, the same hope, the trust, the love...

He touched those eye with his little hands. He wasn’t the only one suffering.


The tears rolled down Reva’s eyes. Finally… there was someone. Someone who understood her, her eleven months old son. And why not? After all, he himself was going through a major upheaval, greater than hers.

The beautiful thing was that he could feel her pain as much as she felt his. And this was just a beginning... 

She hugged him in gratitude.

This time, Jay embraced her with his whole heart.


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