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Sometimes, a word I encountered so often during my life, with a meaning always different.
So, what is sometimes?

Submitted: March 10, 2017

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Submitted: March 10, 2017





Sometimes darkness falls upon the brightest

Sometimes death comes to the righteous


Sometimes the good hides the bad

Sometimes the evil is just a fad


Sometimes you make friends

Sometimes, you have to know when it ends


Sometimes you have to cry

Sometimes you have to lie


Sometimes life can be painful

Sometimes living can be dull


Sometimes you have a bad thought

Sometimes you have to remember for what you fought


Sometimes you have to be silent

Sometimes you have to be violent


Sometimes you have to be strong

Sometimes you can be wrong


Sometimes it ends too quick

Sometimes it makes you sick


Sometimes it takes too long

Sometimes you will stop hearing life's song


Sometimes you have to lose everything so you can mourn

Sometimes you have to die to be reborn


But you will always be remembered

Even if your days are numbered

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