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Lynn is an assassin who is 'saving' a teenage girl.
*Trigger Warning*

Submitted: March 11, 2017

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Submitted: March 11, 2017



The sight was horrifying. Their arms were ripped off, a thick sky blue substance oozed out of the holes. The head was based in and the eyes popped out. Their vocal cords had been ripped out, cherries replaced the bloody, gaping hole. There were slits on one thigh, burns on the other. The wrists and ankles were marked with rope burn. Vomit was dribbled down their chest. Milk leaked out of their intact ears. Toe nails ripped out, symmetrical holes on their feet as if they were made to walk on nails, and burn marks on the knees. They had been tortured beyond recognition.

There was a wild-eyed teenager chained up against the wall. She was growling and pulling against the chains. She looked familiar. Lynn took off her mask, taking a closer look at her. Scars lined her arms and thighs. Self inflicted. Lynn’s eyes subconsciously flickered to the teen’s left arm. A tattooed date. The date. A tattooed name. His name. 19/10/1969. Warren Linton. Lynn rolled up her sleeve to reveal the same tattoo. The teen stilled and attempted to ask a question in a raspy, unused voice.


“Hayley?” Lynn hastily unchained the ex-assassin and hugged her. The teen, Hayley, started to sob into her shoulder. It was awkward because of the height difference but Lynn seemed to manage. Lynn’s face was wet. She realised she was crying as well.

“I’m so sorry, Hayley.” Lynn whimpered.

“For what?”

“This,” The gun let out a ear-piercing bang. Lynn stood up and wiped her gun. Another day, another job and another murder, “That’s for killing our father, you bitch. I won’t visit your grave, sis."

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