February 14

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Submitted: March 11, 2017

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Submitted: March 11, 2017



FEBRUARY 14(18+)

. We clung together in pain and with passion as our screams grew louder. I knew we would be heard if I don’t do something. Immediately, I got hold of her lips, I licked and chewed it with exotic passion, she withdrew. I embraced her and drew her close. I felt her belly against my loins, the thrust of her breasts. The craving deepened in me. I bent to her mouth but she turned away. My hands worked down her back onto the naked warmth of her strong thighs, then back onto the rise of her fine bottom, smooth under her anxious palms. Somehow, we came together at last, mouth to mouth, joining fiercely; I was tearing her lips like a conductor that is just taking Agege bread for the first time. I was still in the exotic motion enjoying the midnight food and about to reach orgasm when somebody hit me “Kunle…Kunle…wake up joh…see how you dy chop pillow…see your this thing…chai, egbami wetin…who you dy knack for your dream?”
“Oh…Kola, for God sake, at least you should allow me to finish my job first” I said with a scornful face.
“Oya tell me...answer my questions” kola said
 Had it been kola is not my friend, only God knows what I would have done but not to waste your time, don’t let me waste your time by describing Kola…just take him as my best friend…but actually who b that girl wey I dy enjoy for my dream???....wait ooo…am I kidding…MY GRANDMA…me and grandma? God forbid bad thing…I turned to my friend
“Kola, how I wish I can narrate my ordeal to you but I can’t just”.
“No problem…sha be careful…your mummy is waiting for you at the sitting room…and guess what…you have visitors…a very fine chick is among the visitors”
“oya…oya…let me see her na” I responded and jumped out of the bed.
The parlour was already occupied with different faces, the air scented with fragile aroma of fried rice. All sitting faces were on me. I could see my father, my mother, my aunt and her daughter. As I looked out, definitely you wouldn’t like me staring at the elders, my gaze fell on her, Bisola, she sat on a sofa, resting her head on it. I was seductively crippled…I couldn’t believe what I saw…she is fucking beautiful, she had grown up, her breast now maturely full, causing commotion between me and my mind. She was also staring hard at me… “Is she thinking what I am thinking”?
 “kunle, how are you? She asked with a melodious voice
 “I am good” I replied
Kola murmured into my ear “ishe yen”
I looked at him scornfully “Baba …no b your size”
My mummy looked at us warily and she said “what are you guys up to? You had better go to your room and clean up” we smiled kola was aiming for the door when he said “Ma, I am even going home, I was just passing by, so…”
“I understand, you can leave, besides I was not holding you before” my mom cut in.
I quickly tip-toed to my room before she bounce on me again…I off my clothes, enter the tube, the dream I had earlier came back… “if not for that bastard Kola, I would have reach but all the same, why me? Why Grandma” immediately, my mind went to my cousin Bisola, how I wish she is my “Val” but nevertheless, I can pass out my time with her if she agrees and if she will be able to solve and understand my riddles. I must reach that Orgasm today… and it must be with bisola.
“kunle, kunle…” my mum called
“ma” I responded locally, “ this woman wan kill my “THOUGHT” I am in the bathroom.
“ okay… I am going out with your dad…your aunt is fast asleep…don’t disturb her… your cousin is at sitting room, watching T.V I think… be fast… I want you to come and sit with her so she doesn’t feel lonely” she said.
“ok ma, I will do as you have instructed” I replied with a smiling face.
I know my intention; I will make the best day from her… my best February 14 ever, my best valentine ever, just sex …sex only and nothing more…I can’t kill my vibes…never!!!.
I came out of the tub, grab my towel, wrapped it to cover my fabulous private room, I went straight to the sitting room, she was lying down on the Sofa, I moved closer swiftly like mad man who just come back to life…I touched her hair… she jumped up
“ oh it’s you kunle…you just scared me…” she said with a fearful look
“lolz…funny you and you call yourself a girl” (she giggled) “ do you know about February 14? ( she nodded negatively) ok…have you heard of valentine day??
With amazement” oh yeah…(she jumped up)… I have heard about it but never witness one… is it today? ( I nodded affirmatively) ok… will you teach me how it is been done?”
“Sure na” I replied immediately “ it is about the person you love most and …hmmm…some kind of something will follow it”
“And what is that?”  She asked.
“I will tell you…it’s just that I don’t know how you will be able to comprehend me”.
“Don’t worry, I am smart and mature” she said.
“How about if …if we…you know… have (she was waiting…) have SEX”.
I watched her, her mouth agape…in shock…then she smiled.
“No problem… B.R.B…I will be back” she said as she went off.
“Maybe she wants to change…to something sexier” I thought.
Immediately, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing…I could hear her speaking from the bedroom. She was speaking with my aunt, her mother.





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