The man on the moon

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Fiction about finding a meaning in life.

Submitted: March 11, 2017

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Submitted: March 11, 2017



Sometimes when alone, with time to kill, I appreciate total relaxation. Letting my mind wander where ever it wants. What I think about is barely possible to remember clearly. A blury remembrance. The lates one is often the only one worth remember. This time, as on many a occasion, i’m fascinated by our insignificance, in a cosmical perspective.

We are all made of stardust, in the greater scheme of things we are nothing. A long time ago, sometime in my childhood, I came across the Man in the moon. Or rather, someone told me a fabel about him. Not to sure why he is a man, but who really cares? Letting my mind run wild. Pretending that what’s real are fictional, and fiction is real life as we perceive it. Imagining the Man in the moon come tumbling down to me. Just to get a closer look at me, gaining a better understanding of what I’m all about. This is surely well worth telling future grand children, if destiny has that in store for me. We can sit around a table with recessed lightning, or preferably near a fire place in a cozy cottage on top of a snowy mountain. Warm cocoa and marshmallows to get exactly the right atmosphere. ‘’What ever are you telling me, my little ones? Haven’t you ever heard of him? The Man in the moon looking down at us all..Well, then I must take it upon myself to enlighten you. It’s the funniest little story you have ever heard, and surely there’s not a word of truth in it. Ok, here we go…

Living far away from all and everyone is boring, also fir the mighty Man in the moon, he did feel rather lonesome. You must realize one important thing, the Man in the moon is not the moon. No, no, it’s a man living on the surface of the moon. However, it’s in no way a regular man like your father or grandfather. No, he is enormous, larger than life it self. Many a time he was peeking over the edge of the moon, just to get a glimpse of the earth. Our place of home. Why should we be separated like this, thaught the Man in the moon. He is all alone, and right there is a place full of life. Maybe someone want’s to be his friend? Everybody needs a friend. Someone to play and laugh till it hurts with. It’s not that great to have a whole planet by themselves, sharing is caring. The Man in the moon had become so lonely that he talked to himself. At first mearly whispering, with time loud conversations. It was definitely on time to make some friends. 

One day he saw a unknown being come flying his direction, on a huge fluffy cloud. Without even presenting himself. Closer and closer, the Man in the moon got increasingly more curious. What is this? Is it a friend or a enemy? The Man in the moon was so lonely, he didn’t have either in his life. The man on the cloud shouted to the Man in the moon, all be it in a friendly tone of voice. Tempting him to come and talk to him. Instinctively he knew it right away. The Man on the cloud has come from Earth. That’s where he lives. 

 ‘’How is life on Earth? Can you please tell me?’’ The Man in the moon desperately needed to know this. The Man on the cloud cleared his throat ‘’Oh, you know, all things are great’’ But no, the Man in the moon didn’t know that. How could he? He who have been stuck on the moon for ever. Since the begining of the universe. ‘’In fact, continued the Man on the cloud, I would never leave it if I had to. 

The Man on the moon was to eager to pick up the sorrow in his voice. To preoccupied in satisfying his own curiousity. ‘’Do you have a favourite place  there?’’ The Man on the cloud didn’t need to think at all, not even for a second. ‘’Yes, actually I do. London is a most interresting place to be. Famous for all the sights to see, all the things to listen to, all the smells to smell’’. His blue ocean coloured eyes looked dreamy, in lack of a better description. London must be a marvellous place on Earth. 

The words of the Man on the cloud increased the desire to visit the Earth more than words can describe. So overwhelmed he had to sit down, get his thaughts sorted. There is no doubt in his mind, none what so ever. He had to find a way to get to Earth. Could he get a ride with the Man on the cloud? The cloud is certainly large enough for the both of them. They started a conversation about everything and nothing. Neither willing to get straight to the point. The Man on the moon wants to get to Earth, so much we know. But what about the Man on the cloud, what ever is it he wants? The Man on the moon got to anxious, not in the mood for prolonged chitchat. ‘’I see you have quite the means of trasportation there, is it room for two?’’ Had the Man on the moon been more attentive he would have remember what the Man on the cloud earlier said. That he would have stay put on Earth if it was up to him. Meaning that it wasn’t. The Man on the cloud sighed audibly. ‘’Hmm, you know what my new friend, maybe we could come to some sort of agreement.’’ The Man on the moon didn’t know what was expected from him right now. Being alone for… well, always, does not work wonders for the social skills. Then it’s probably to say as little as possible without comming across as impolite. ‘’What sort of a agreement are you thinking off?’’ ‘’You see, living on Earth is not always a pleasure. Especially when you have a personality that prefers voluntary solitude. London is great, don’t get me wrong. But it’s not for me, to many people and to many things to be aware of. 
Sounds weird. If you have a cloud, why don’t he simply float away. Let the sreams of air take him to another place. Even from the moon it’s easy to see that there are places on the planet that aren’t heavily populated. Nevermind. It’s not up to the Man in moon to convience anyone otherwise. We are different, we want and need different things. No matter how ludacris his ideas are, this is a golden opportunity for the Man on the moon. Finally he could get away from boredom. ‘’You have to excuse me, Man on the cloud, I don’t get what you are suggesting?’’ This is it, his next response will most like determine the destiny of the Man on the moon. Living eternity peeking at Earth, or actually be a part of life on Earth.’’ ‘’The short version is as following, I want to live alone. With no disturbances at all. You posses such a place. Off course we can’t very well share the moon. Then I wouldn’t live in solitude. What about a trade? I get the moon, and you get my cloud so you can get to Earth? Jumping of joy. On the inside. ‘’You have a deal.’’ Four life changing words. Done deal. The man on the cloud got his wish. Enjoying peace and quite. The Man on the moon was undoubtedly equally pleased. Only one issue remained to be solved. Life on Earth are good, but who is he know? The Man on the moon? I think not. His identity was closely linked to life on the moon. Well, well. Minor problems are not worth thinking about. He is no longer the Man on the moon, he is a human being. One of many, and still unique. Just like you and me. 


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