Give To Me......

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Keep the flowers and give me a tree.

Submitted: March 11, 2017

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Submitted: March 11, 2017



Give To Me....


Flowers as a gift of love make no sense to me --

I’m being really honest here, I’d rather have a tree.


It might sound quite illogical but please let me explain,

I think you’ll find my reasoning in this case is quite sane.


Flowers, they are beautiful and have a pretty smell

but there is another fact that blooms do have as well;


from the moment that they have been picked they begin to die;

is that a loving message, I wonder with a sigh.


Sure, they are flamboyant, and put on a spectacular show,

but true love is a relationship that always has to grow.


Those flowers that once were so bright soon begin to fade;

petals die and petals fall and soon will biodegrade.


The only flowers that last for years are ones that are just fake

and not a great comparison to have to go and make.


No, if you really love me, plant for me a tree;

it’s a way more romantic gesture so far as I can see.


It’s really kind of fragile when it starts off from that seed

and maybe then some extra care is something that’s in need.


But then when it is growing, it keeps on getting stronger,

the fragility there at the start is not there any longer.


That tree will live for many years if left to live it’s life,

but it won’t be impervious to all external strife;


branches may be torn off by the strong winds of a gale,

but, like true love, that damage will not bring about a fail.


It’s going to be standing there unless it is cut down

by man and chainsaw or disease should bring it to the ground.


So if you really love me, just plant for me a tree,

a gesture that for many years I will surely see.

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