Ionized Lake - Episode 4 - A World Outside of Reality

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Second to Final episode. Bry opens his book one day to be brought to the dimension the Demon of Perfection rules in. The people there promise to give everything he wants in reality if his family and him help take the Demon off the rulership.

Submitted: March 11, 2017

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Submitted: March 11, 2017



Bry woke up today to the sound of whirrs coming from the basement laboratory. The whirrs weren't finding the way to his sister's or his aunts, or any of the workers that morning. Bry got his clothes and gear and stepped to the vending machine, opening it and grabbing a snack, then pressing the button and going downstairs, then closing the vending machine. He ran down the stairs to the lab. The covering on the window was blowing like nuts, the frame was bright and flashing and his uncle was out cold. It was whirring and flashing fast, and Bry woke his uncle up. It sounded like it was powering up. It finished beeping then made a normal whir. Bry's uncle got up and sighed, getting a watch and pressing a button. The watch started counting down. It started at 17 hours. Bry asked him what was going on and he said, "I'm not who you think I am. My name is Colton. You're uncle has been trapped in that dimension this gateway leads too. I've been trying to get him out ever since. I've lied to you and your family for 14 years while you're Uncle Borris was stuck there. I'll explain everything after your Uncle comes out." Then Bry grabbed the book and held it up. The Gateway started blaring harshly, and Bry was thrown to the pillar holding the frame up. Colton yelled for him not to pull the pillar down, but Bry failed. The gateway pulled so hard to get Bry in, it tore the pillars down and sucked him in. The portal set his book alight and everything else besides his clothes, his crystal and his pocket knife. 

He woke up in the strange dimension, where everything was forced to be perfect. He was in a cot, in  what seemed to be a house made of steel alloy. A man with a hood on, and a set of goggles and a mask. "Well. Here we go."

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