Black vs Blue - Main Story 2 - Episode 1 - Old things turned New.

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The newly awaited Episode 1 Of BvB Season Two is released, and a monster named Shu"Kiean wakes up, and reverts the team back to the teen years, and without the ability to use they're weapons and equipment, they have to take the beast down with nothing but wits and the presumed dead Churchhill giving them each a chance by disassembling himself and the A.I's abiding in the survivors.

Submitted: March 11, 2017

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Submitted: March 11, 2017



Quick Note, So i know i stated the list of survivors last season, but i'm changing those. From now on the survivors are Leutenant, Cayin, Cain, Trainwreck and his talking gun Flippers. Thanks.


Leutenant walked out of the old base, yelling for Cayin.  "Cayin! We need to talk!" "Yeah what is it Leutenant?" "Cayin, It's been recently obvious Cain is thinking about defaulting to the blue team after recent issues. So, I think we need to default him to the Blue team. What do you think?" "I agree perfectly. Not only does Trainwrreck need a guide, but I just flipping hate Cain's guts right now."


Meanwhile in the caves, Cain walks to a lava pit and throws a rock into it. The lava starts rublng and a huge thing erects out of it, The beast screeched and Cain felt a bit different. He didn't feel like his suit fit him enough. He went to tighten it and he realized he was very small and very young. He felt 14 or 15. He immediatly ran to the base and while he did, a Volcano errupted and smothered the Blue base just as Trainwreck was running out. Trainwreck continued to run to the Black's base and more lava started falling. The teams both ran to the abandoned base cave and hid. They sat there hiding as lava and rocks smothered the basegrounds. Then, a computer beeped and a hologram shot up. "Well, look at the perdicament you got yourselves into." Trainwreck yelled. "CHURCHHILL! OH MY GAWSH WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE I THOUGHT YOU WERE LIMBOIFIED!!!" Churchhill responded, "I was. But this computer just needed a helmet to activate us. Apparently, you're all still wearing yours even though your bodies have been immensly adjusted. It seems you've all been deaged to the teen cycles you had as a kid.  This qualifies things to be very hard."


Continuing this week.

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