I Know The Way From The Fork In The Road

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It's ok to take a risk once in a while, because mistakes can be corrected. Sometimes, you'll be able to benefit from your wrong doings, and mistakes aren't scabs - they're only scars.

Submitted: March 11, 2017

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Submitted: March 11, 2017



I know the way from the fork in the path

One leads up to a shimmering light

Of love, forgiveness, and a future in the sun.

The other is a sorrowful, torturous death

To a lonesome, bottomless world of the unknown.

I was placed with the task of making a move

And while the answer was quite obvious, I was a child

So I pondered for a time so long.

Oh, I thought I may benefit from the wrongs in life!

With that, I took the left and fell in a trap

Too deep to fight with my fist or throw a punch at

But none was too strong for my soul to attack

Yes, none was to win when my spirit rose

So I banished the trap and built a road leading up

Swerving about and soaring above.

Now I tell you, I really know the key to the roads

Oh yes!  I know the way from the fork in the path.

© Copyright 2019 Elizabeth Chun. All rights reserved.

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